From a deficit to a surplus of doctors in Spain

The shortage of doctors in Spain That’s on the agenda. Over the next few years, the retirement of specialists will only exacerbate this specialist deficit, once more doctors retire than MIRs complete their internships. And in this equation we have to take into account specialists who will emigrate to work in medicine outside our borders.

It’s not the first time Granada Medical Union Study Center brings this problem to the table. However, now the union has signaled a a new conflict namely that “for the year 2036 and the following year, the number of retirements will be much lower in the vast majority of specialties”, so that “major medical setback”.

“In the following years, By 2026, most specialties that are currently in short supply will reach balance, although it must be taken into account that not all new specialists stay to work in Spain. In the case of family medicine there is still a big difference between new specialists and possible retirements, we will miss many although all those who finish will stay in Spain, this also happens with clinical analysis and biochemistry (only doctors) and Microbiology (only doctors) and Occupational Medicine”, the Union points out.

is around data “very worrying”because in a few years, in most specialties, there will again be “much more newly trained specialist doctors than there are places due to retirement, both in SNS and in Private Health Care”, experts point out.

Health care is a “fundamental pillar of the welfare state” that requires “coherent and responsible medium- and long-term planning, which, unfortunately, has been lacking so far.”

Therefore, “it is urgent and very necessary to carry out at least every two years, demographic studies with more detailed dataeven getting to know the number by age of those over 60 and adding data on new specialists from other countries who return after training, the number of recirculation residents and specialists by specialty, the number of Spanish specialist doctors who emigrate in search of better working conditions and salaries, as well as the projection of the general population according to age, future care needs, etc.”

And that is that health care is a “fundamental pillar of the welfare state” that requires “coherent and responsible medium- and long-term planning, which, unfortunately, has been absent so far. whether due to the negligence or incompetence of those responsible for the Spanish government and the autonomous communities.

You can check the full report “There is a shortage of doctors in various specialties, and in 2036 we could again have many unemployed doctors”conducted by the Study Center of the Medical Union of Granada, by clicking on this link.

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