Framber Valdez and Altuve’s Astros charged again with 2022 World Series cheating.


A Dominican pitcher has been accused of cheating in the 2022 World Series, sparking controversy at the Houston Astros and bringing back negative memories of the 2017 World Series.

Framber Valdez
© Sean M. Haffey | Getty ImagesFramber Valdez

It appears to be Houston Astros it has to bear the weight be questioned every time you win a game in MLB. after iimpeccable performance by Framber Valdez in the 2nd game World Cup 2022the pitcher was accused of cheating to dominatePhiladelphia Phillies.

Memories of the theft of signs from the 2017 campaign immediately come back to the table. Dusty Baker’s team has been condemned by many to create distrust when they play flawlessly on American diamonds.

The Dominican pitcher calmed down the Phillies bats after they worked for space 6.1 innings, allowing 4 hits, issuing 3 walks, striking out 9 batters and allowing only a walk although some of the moves he made on the mound caused controversy.

Framber Valdez accused of cheating

Framber Valdez rubbed his right hand against his left before facing each batter or during the process. This action is indeed common among Big Tent throwers, however, it has caused controversy in this regard.

“No one should think badly about it”, Valdez assured his movement. “It’s just tendencies that I do throughout the game, distracting the attackers from what I’m doing. Maybe watch me rub different things so I don’t think about the pitch I’m going to hit.”the Dominican commented to the journalists.

Especially umpires are constantly checking pitchers After every inning looking for foreign substances on his hands or gloves, it’s hard to think that Framber was cheating, which is how Philadelphia manager Rob Thomson sees it.

“You know the umpires check on those guys after almost every inning, and if something happens, MLB will take care of it.” beat the Phillies bullpen after losing Game 2 of the World Series.

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