Ford opens headquarters in Mexico with an investment of 260 million dollars

Before the federal authorities and the government of the State of Mexico, Ford Motor Company opened the Global Technology and Business Center: (GTBC, abbreviation in English) which included an investment of 260 million dollars and will function as a globalized hub to support the company’s various core operations worldwide, becoming a key axis for the company’s transformation and modernization. In addition, the company is looking for Mexican talent and offers various vacancies.

Designed with a sustainable, holistic, avant-garde and inclusive approach, GTBC can last up to 9 thousand associates in the hybrid scheme of work, there is land of 19 hectares in which 4.3 hectares have been declared a protected ecological zone and 170 thousand square meters of construction which integrates two main buildings: one that will be the headquarters of the corporate offices and the other building for the largest automotive engineering center in Mexico and one of the most important in Latin America.

More than a new campus with modern facilities and state-of-the-art technology, Ford’s new headquarters in Mexico is designed to create an ecosystem that facilitates collaboration and innovation as a key part of Ford Motor’s global transformation. Society.

“We want our entire team to always be proud to belong to Ford, so we always strive to offer them a space that reflects our commitment to their well-being, professional and personal development,” said Jim Farley, CEO of Ford Motor Company.

“That’s why we built a people-centric campus that has all the critical attributes to create a living experience, not just a work experience.”

Jim Farley

“Site is committed to the latest trends in terms of individual and joint workwithin a hybrid working model, to offer the best possible experience to our team of associates”, reaffirmed Stuart Rowley, Executive Director of the Office of Transformation and Quality.

Mexico as a center of global business solutions

Since its arrival in Mexico more than 97 years ago, the blue oval-shaped company has been characterized by its commitment to creating jobs in the country. Under the scheme of global transformation and modernization business model, GTBC brings together associates who work to lead key operations in strategic areas for the corporation in: product development, supply chain, marketing and sales, after-sales, information technology, human resources, finance, among others. .

Since 2021, the year in which Ford de México has been selected as one of three global business solutions hubs, the region has increased its talent attraction with 850 new experts. This growth is 2.5 times larger from the initial target and shows that there are great opportunities for growth at Ford of Mexico.

During 2021 and 2022, Ford de México contributed 58 projects automation aligned with plan Ford+1 achieving estimated lifetime savings of more than 175 million dollars.

“The decision to create a Global Technology and Business Center in Mexico was thanks to the trust the corporation has in Mexican talents, characterized by the attributes of quality and ability to innovate, to contribute to the transformation and modernization efforts of the business model. business,” said Laura Castro, director of the Global Solutions Center in Mexico.

“At GTBC, we will focus on collaboration as well as leveraging the maximum potential of our talent to streamline our processes and design automated solutions from Mexico to the world.”

Laura Castro

engineering center

This new complex is an integral part of the global engineering network of Ford Motor Company and an ideal space for the development of the automotive industry.

The Ford Engineering Center in Mexico employs more than 2,800 engineersit is currently the largest in Mexico and one of the most important in Latin America; That’s why the product development team has become a global benchmark in the creation of innovative ideas and patents among the engineering centers of the Ford world.

Ford’s engineering and product development team in Mexico covers a wide range of disciplines and specialtiesranging from planning, design and computer-aided engineering phases, to full validation and launch.

For this, there are recreational spaces that encourage creativity from the initial part of the project, to equipment for measuring and prototyping, laboratories, an experimental garage, among other facilities for performing design and testing products, which will allow us to continue to innovate products and services with the most advanced technology.

As part of the physical testing equipment, this center is equipped with environmental and solar energy simulation chambers, electrodynamic vibration equipment, scanning and tracking the path in 3D using cameras and artificial vision, robots, material analysis, fuel testing hexapod, among other technologies.

In the area of ​​software and electronic module development, these laboratories integrate state-of-the-art technology for the design and validation of future electrical architectures, which include sophisticated simulators and test equipment electronic systems.

“We are very proud that every Ford vehicle in the world includes Mexican engineering talent in its development,” he said. Marcos Pérez, Director of Product Development in Mexico.

Commitment to the community

Ford has always had a strong commitment to the communities in which it operates, which is why, with the development of this new campus in the state of Mexico, the company, together with the local authorities, has contributed infrastructure and accessibility with the execution of public electrical installations, drainage, roads which, with this new building, will enable a faster and easier connection with the rest of the municipality.

For Ford, sustainability and care for the environment are a priority, which is why the new facilities in the municipality of Naucalpan will have 4.3 ha declared a protected ecological zone where the company started reforestation with endemic species.

On the other hand, a gabion wall was developed, i.e the largest of its kind in Latin Americawhich will enable water to be filtered in its natural flow towards the gully in order to prevent its erosion and the feeding of local riverbeds and dams.

In addition, among other actions in favor of the environment, new GTBC will discharge wastewater to a treatment plant owned by the area’s developer, and therefore the location is under consideration zero dischargesince nothing will go into municipal drainage.

“These actions are just one part of the brand’s sustainability plan, where Ford remains committed to giving back not only to the community, but to the planet, a little bit of everything it gives us, while demonstrating that its vision for innovation is anchored not only in vehicles, but also the environment, people and their of the future”, he reaffirmed Ludivina Osorio, director of Ford Land Mexicowho led the campus construction project.

Constant growth

Have the ability to hold up to 9 thousand associates in a hybrid work scheme, opens up the possibility of expanding cooperation with universities and expanding the brand’s business in the country. “We are very happy with this challenge, the opportunities we see in the future for Ford of Mexico are numerous,” said Carlos Valdez, Director of Human Resources.

With the start of work at this new location and on the way to the future, Ford today more than ever continues to look for new talent.

“Whether 97 years we arrived in Mexico as the first car assembler in the country and today, we support the importance of this region for our company on a global scale, reaffirming our commitment to innovation, society and betting on a better future and human progress”, said Luz Elena del Castillo, President and CEO of Ford of Mexico, Puerto Rico, Central America and the Caribbean.

“Thanks to the talent and abilities demonstrated by our employees in Mexico, the country has become a benchmark for quality and productivity. The work they do day in and day out not only stands out, but has a major impact on Ford’s global operations.”

Light Elena of the Castle

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