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Green pharmacytraditional medicine found in backyards and gardens that can help get well in case of minor illnesses, without the need to resort to medication.

As part of the program for Professional training of teachersresearchers from the Autonomous University of Juarez in Tabasco (UNCLE), implement the project “Center for innovation, reproduction and preservation of tropical medicinal and aromatic plants as a sustainable green pharmacy”.

In an interview for Telereportaže, Doctor of edaphology, Hortensia Brito Vegaresearcher at the Academic Department of Agricultural Sciences (DACA), explained that the project started at the end of 2019, but due to the pandemic, part of the production was stopped, but it was used for reconnaissance, and this one in 2022 has already continued.

“We started the project of medicinal plants because we saw that tabasco is rich in these plantations and they are over-exploited, but they do not reproduce, we are also destroying the biological diversity of some plants and we do not want them to disappear… we realized that the greatest demand for basil, rue, oregano, aloe vera (and mint), and to have the concept of a green pharmacy, that the plant is green, that it is consumed green, some teas at home, that is the purpose,” he stressed.

He also felt that it was necessary to create reliable information about the traits and aspects involved in breeding, management and conservation of medicinal plantsbecause the use of alternative medicines such as medicinal plants is a traditional practice that has not stopped being used, and has even increased in the COVID-19 pandemic.

For his part, the researcher Doctor of edaphology oriented to Nutrition of plants, Edmundo Gómez Méndez, He explained that this project contributes to the preservation and respect of traditional knowledge that is expressed in the natural and cultural diversity of the state of Tabasco.

This, through study, rescue, propagation, management and post-harvest conservation medicinal and aromatic plants.

In fact, for most people, they mostly have types of medicinal plants in the yard and if they use them, but we have to know other species that have medicinal properties and our job here is to save certain species, so that they are available to those who want to have these plants in their home…”, he explained.

He indicated that the current use of medicinal plants is considered a complementary therapy with the use of allopathic medicinemainly in the treatment of chronic diseases in which patients suffer wear and tear, both economically and emotionally.

He added that, in order to cope with diseases for a long time, they strive to supplement their treatment in order to improve the quality of life and, at the same time, increase the healing power of their allopathic treatments.

“We are almost ready to finish and publish a manual of medicinal plants about 120 species found here in the state of Tabasco, such as muicle or riñonin, which is also a plant widely used to raise red blood cells, we have chaya, momo, which it is used for nutrition, but it also has medicinal properties, so there are many plants that people use for culinary purposes, but which also have medicinal properties… they are mostly treated with patent medicines, when we have a large number of types of medicinal plants that can help us recover health,” he said.

What is each of them for?

The specialist explained that in the case of the plants they propagate and research, they have various medicinal properties, such as oregano, which is used to combat ear fungus due to its antimicrobial propertiesas well as expectorants, to breathing problems, colds and asthma.

Rue has anti-inflammatory properties and helps with digestive problems, diarrhoea, and even as an anthelmintic, and a sprig can help absorb moisture from the ear.

The aloe vera pulp or also called “aloe vera” helps in healing skin conditions such as irritations, wounds, burns, psoriasis, acne, reduces inflammation of varicose veins and helps people with constipation because it contains vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, C, E, folic acid and amino acids.

The basil It is used for mitigation Abdominal painscalms the nerves, helps fight insomnia, physical and mental fatigue, and also has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties

In case of peppermint, have antispasmodic propertiesso it can help with digestive disorders including gas, bloating and nausea, indigestion and colic.

Other plants he said are also sought after for reproduction because of their medicinal contribution are lemon grass which has diuretic properties, the king’s sword serves to expel kidney stones, seeds on moringa acts as a diabetes control, habanero chile has anticancer properties, the plant “bad mother“, serves in the fight against anemia.

The mattress, It is diuretic and helps fight urinary tract infections; anise has properties antibacterial and antifungalrelieves congestion and clears the airways.

Bad vicar petals are used for eye diseases such as cloudiness, conjunctivitis, carnosity and to strengthen vision, in addition to being attributed antibiotic properties; the tomato helps deflate sore throat

At the end, he pointed out that as part of the central goals, he stated the design of the system for intensive production of aromatic and medicinal plants in the open sky by generating a technological package for a hydroponic system.

As well as identify the causative bacteria the growth of indigenous plants from the soilwhere medicinal and aromatic plants will be collected for the production of biofertilizer.

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