Foods of high energy vibration and their importance for good health

Dani Cortés says that everything is energy and that all elements in the universe contain energy vibrational waves including us and food which we eat.

Cortés says that the more vibrant and colorful you eat, the better. Vegetables and fruits, herbs, natural spices, herbal teas, nuts, almonds, peanuts, seeds and whole grains are high vibrations and these are healthy foods as mentioned by the Harvard University School of Public Health.

And on the contrary, if what we eat has low vibrationswe will disharmonize our body and this will result in disease and other negative conditions.

Like processed foodwith artificial colors, preservatives and few nutrients will cause a decrease in energy vibration, which is also associated with negative moods such as anxiety, angst, envy and depression, as pointed out by a study from Florida Atlantic University Schmidt School of Medicine.

Dani Cortes mentions some of them: fried foods, canned foods, sausages, margarine, soft drinks, alcohol and artificial sweeteners.

“So if you’ve been feeling tired with a lack of focus and sadness for no reason and you feel you’ve been abusing foods like the ones just mentioned, I invite you to try raise your energy consuming more food whose vibration is high”.

Dani Cortes

Dish high vibration foodCortés assures that change will be guaranteed in the first weeks and “remember that balance is key in life” and what we do most of our time will define the present and the future.

And he says that it’s not a matter of stopping to indulge yourself from time to time, it’s a matter of learning to balance in order to enjoy it to the maximum.

“Because nothing tastes better than seeing you and feeling good.”

Dani Cortes

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