Follow America vs Chivas live for the first leg of the semi-finals

This Friday, the semi-finals of Aperture 2022 begin with two classics that make the final stage special.

The America from Angel of Villacamp opens the semi-final round at home Opening of the tournament in 2022 before some Chivas that they were super leaders in the regular part and that they are hungry for a double championship.

This is the second time Liga MX Femenil enjoy the Clásico Nacional in the semi-finals of the tournament, and with this Opening in 2022there are already four clashes within any stage of the league, where America he eliminated three times Chivas in the quarterfinals.

The sacred herd eliminated America in the 2017 Aperture semifinals with a 6-4 aggregate score. For their part, the Eagles prevailed over Chivas in the quarterfinals of the 2019 Aperture with a global score of 3-0 and in the 2021 Aperture with a global score of 2-0.

Las Chivas from Ivan Pavla Alfaro he reached the semi-finals of this one Opening of the tournament in 2022 eliminated Cruz Azul in the quarterfinals with a total score of 2-1, while the team from Angel of Villacamp knocked Tijuana out of the final 3-0.

Follow America vs Chivas live

Players to watch from Chivas and America

Las Chivas they recovered Licha Cervantes after an injury for the final stage, the player responsible for the goal in the first leg of the quarter-finals against Blue cross. El Rebaño also has Caroline Jaramilloan element that has been important in the starting eleven since the last tournament.

For their part, the Eagles have two ‘Killers’ who can damage the goal Blanca Felix: Kiana Palacios Mr Katty Martinez.

Alignment America vs. Chivas

America: Itzel González, Jocelyn Orejel, Andrea Pereira, Aureli Kaci, Casandra Cuevas, Nicolette Hernández, Kimbely Rodríguez, Scarlett Camberos, Karen Luna, Kiana Palacios, Andrea Falcon. DT: Angel Villacampa.

Chivas: Celeste Espino, Araceli Torres, Jaqueline Rodríguez, Cassandra Montero, Damaris Godínez, Rubí Soto, S. Bejerano, Carolina Jaramillo, Joseline Montoya, Alicia Cervantes, K Bernal. DT: Juan Pablo Alfaro.

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