Five tragic deaths that rocked Cruz Azul

The decade of the 70s It was the most glorious time in the history of Cruz Azul, for which football is sure that It is a club that was born greatbecause with very few years in First division swept everything away titles which were placed before him, however, 70 were also marked various tragedies that shook the institution.

And that’s at least three idols of that timesize columns Machine, lost their lives tragic wayso in this one Day of the Dead we remember and honor them; In addition, a few more figures that shook heavenly environment in recent times by the disastrous way they died.

5.- Caesarius Victorino

Caesarius Victorinus was one of the greats legends who staged the most glorious era of Cruz Azul in the 1970sby conquest triple championship league. Later, in 1999, already retired as a footballer and in his new role as technical director tuzos of Pachucain the Second League, the emblematic midfielder lost his life in a tragic accidentbecause the brakes of the bus carrying the team from Hidalgo failed and crashed into another vehicle, leaving the balance of several deceasedincluding some players and cement idol.

4.- Juan Manuel Medina

The midfielder has arrived Blue cross for the 1972-73 season, so he was part of the team that won the second title in history triple championshiphowever, he could no longer be present to receive the trophy, because died tragically in a traffic accident March 29, 1973, d 26 years oldwhen he was traveling on the federal highway towards Pachuca. According to the information that appeared in this regard, he was returning from a baptism; He founded a family with his wife and two small children.

3.- Nacho Flores

another one of the greats idols of the 70s tragically lost his life, because on August 10, 2011, he was shot dead while driving his truck next to his family on the highway Mexico-Cuernavaca, at the height of the town of Chamilpa in Cuernavaca. They were on the spot collected more than 50 cocoons of different calibers, while research directions pointed to a possible attack rob his truck or a confusion with a drug lord.

2.- Octavio Muciño

The Penny He was another one of the first great idols in the entire history of La Maquina, a youth team whose place of birth was Jasso and had a double goodbye in a tragic waybecause after going to Chivas, the the shooter lost his life with skin only 24 years old, after he was shot three times in front of Carlos O’Willys restaurant in GuadalajaraIn 1974, after an argument with Jaime Muldoon, who was identified as his killer.

“It has arrived, they were from words, lthey had a little fight, That person couldn’t stand it, because they took him out of the bar, and my dad was there for about an hour and a half and was still waiting for him outside. When my dad found out, tried to get closer so they could reconcile and it wouldn’t happen to adults. Get out of the car immediately, my dad slips off the steps and takes the opportunity to shoot him three times. He was in the hospital for two and a half days and on June 3rd I lost my father”. his son revealed Octavio Mucino Valdez this year, in an interview with Mediotiempo.

Just eight months after he retired as a footballer and while coaching affiliates in Cruz Azul, the idol met his death. The On September 23, 1979, Fernando Bustos passed away after tragic car accident on the Mexico-Querétaro highway, near Tepeji del Río, after lose control of your car; he was seriously injured and was taken to the hospital, but nothing could be done there. He died at the age of 33. “In the Age of Christ”he headlined the paper the day after hearing the news.

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