Five exercises by Maria Pedraza for tightening the legs

Maria Pedraza

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    Training with friends, training with a partner, training in a group at the gym, training with a sister… Anything you train with someone other than yourself is extra fun and it can even improve your motivation. Y Maria Pedraza knows this well. It is known that the actress likes to train, but on countless occasions she does so accompanied. If we saw Maria Pedraza and Alex Gonz√°lez together in the gym a few months ago, this time his partner in the gym it was his sister.

    Both are labeled a leg exercise -along with some other more general exercises for working the whole body- in the gym as an excellent plan to start the vacation with energy. Equipped with dumbbells, bellsstep and TRX, the Pedraza sisters fired up their quadriceps and glutes. And these are the five main exercises that we will include in our routines:

    Dynamic disc lunges

    Classic exercise when we want work on the lower body where increase the intensity by holding the plate in your hands. Another way to add weight is to put a dumbbell on each side, for example. If you can’t make it dynamic like them, try to get into a lunge position and do the reps statically. It’s an exercise with many variations!

    jump squats

    If we want to add intensity and dynamism of our training jump squats are perfect. The burning sensation in the legs is incomparable ūüĒ•! You can also do them as an active rest between sets.

    Army press squat

    A variant of the classic exercise in which the quadriceps and glutes are worked in addition to the squatting movement, we also work on the upper body by doing a press military dumbbell. It is recommended if you are doing training whole body. Not? Try just doing squats and increasing the weight for more work.


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    deadlift with bellflower

    dead weight is perfect for working the entire back of the legs (hello hamstring activation) and can be done either with weights or with bellflower like the sisters, with dumbbells or with a barbell, or without it to follow the movement.



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    step jumps

    This second exercise is also very interesting if we want it to be to put stick, intensity and movement in our training. It also enables spectacular progressiveness. What is starting to seem easy to you? Go up one height to the step. And so until you reach the top.





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