Filtered unreleased PHOTO of Gerard Piqué with Clara Chia Martí at Kosmos before his RUPTURE with Shakira

News about breaking off from Shakira con Gerard Pique still gives a lot of talk, because a few months after the announcement, the football player has already started a new romance with Clara Chia Marti23-year-old who works with the player in the company Sooty and that, in addition, it also showed that they are very happy when they work together, since they are filtered And unpublished photo of the couple who talked in the said company.

There has been much speculation as to the reasons for breaking off between Shakira Mr Gerard Piquebut the theory about the football player’s possible infidelity with his new partner stands out the most Clara Chia Marti with whom he showed that he is deeply in love, because he does not care what they say and through signs of love he revealed the great love he has for the young woman.

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