Fey and 3 bikinis with which she attracts sighs from the beach and melts the net

Maybe the current generations have heard how well parties were organized with songs from the 90s. Then the current chavorrucos moved the skeleton to the rhythm of “Media Naranja”, “Muévelo” and “Azúcar amargo” Fey, one of the biggest representatives of pop in Mexico and several Latin American countries. For this reason, the singer is part of the “90’s Pop Tour” which was so successful; On November 12th, it will be presented at the exhibition center of the Yucatan Xmatkuil fair.

Born with a name Maria Fernanda Blazquez Gil, a native of Mexico City has always been in love with the world of entertainment because her parents are artists. In this case, he found his true passion in singing and fought until he achieved his goal and although he suffered several rejections in his quest for fame, he managed to release his first album in 1995 called “Fey”.

The freshness and power of her voice gave several generations the perfect reason for singing and dancing at parties, and in addition for the fashion of those years, because since she appeared on radio and television, the girls of that time already brought “doughnuts” for the hair on their wrists, checkered shirts, baggy jeans, platform shoes and patent leather, jumpsuits, button-ups and even plaid pants. In short, they all wanted to be like her, the girl of the moment and without the need for social networks.

Fey falls in love with her bikinis, she’s still a favorite

As if he made a pact with the devil or found the source of eternal youth, Fey He shows his cheerfulness through social networks. Anyone who dives into your Instagram account will realize that it looks spectacular, as if frozen in time. In the same way, he takes advantage of the figure he cares about so much in the gym and presents various things with a healthy diet apparel that drove their audience crazy.


In the world of outfits that she brags about in her virtual spaces, the singer also showed off her spectacular bikinis, the designs of which always stand out as colorful, sensual and flirtatious. The ideal setting to show off that steel belly is without a doubt the beach, and what better way to jump into any of those that Mexico enjoys.


He even took the opportunity to dominate activities that many might overlook, such as surfing, a passion he did not know and which he pursues whenever he can. In this sense, he invited his followers to surrender to life in order to be who they are and enjoy it to the fullest. AND Fey It can be enjoyed on all music platforms, and stands out because its rhythms never seem to go out of style.



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