Ferka and her desperate call for her private life to be respected for the sake of her son

Christian Estrada and María Fernanda Quiroz, better known as Ferka, met in 2020 when they participated in the reality show Guerreros (Photo: Adrián Monroy/Medios y Media/Getty Images).

Christian Estrada and María Fernanda Quiroz, better known as Ferka, met in 2020 when they participated in warriors of reality (Photo: Adrián Monroy/Medios y Media/Getty Images).

Relationship between actress and model María Fernanda Quiroz, better known as Ferka, and Christian Estrada She has never been without controversy, but her recent split has fueled endless speculation suggesting that she was the one who caused the break-up, as stated by the driver himself and his relatives.

The model also revealed in September that he and Ferka broke up shortly after their son’s baptism, after a magazine reported that the couple was having problems “due to big personal differences”. The actress, on the other hand, despite the media frenzy, preferred to remain silent or refrain from commenting.

But recent rumors of an alleged feud prompted Ferka to break her silence with a desperate call stop looking for “good” or “bad” in your breakup, because the media “is not the right instance to resolve issues that concern only my private life.”

Christian Estrada (33) and Ferka (36) met on the set Warriors 2020 and began a relationship that ended in bad relations during the summer airing of the series. A few weeks later there was a reconciliation and in February 2021 the couple announced that they were expecting their first child, who was born in August of that year.

It seemed that the life of the couple with their son was getting better, and they were already talking about getting married. But last September, the magazine TV Notes He announced that they had been separated for several days.

At first, Christian did not advertise about it, but he was the first to let speculations go by deleting all the photos with the actress, and then he continued to publish only the contents of his professional activities, as well as coexistence with the baby. For her part, Ferka then said that she was not ready to talk…until now.

again, TV Notes He approached a “friend”, now from Estrada, who revealed aspects of coexistence between the two, leaving the actress in a bad light.

A few minutes after the commotion on social networks, Ferka issued a statement in which she declared that the divorce with Christian Estrada was something private and legal.

“I will by no means submit to provocations of any kind, because my belief is to provide my son with a happy life without scandals and without any disqualifications. I have never had the need to sell information, air my private life, generate an agreement with some media, and even less to put as an excuse and currency the most sacred thing I have in my life, which is my son,” he stated in the text on his Instagram account.

In the same document, she exposed possible harassment due to her status as a woman. “We live in a reality where women have to fight every day to be strong, face adversity, fulfill their obligations, work for their loved ones (…). Women, let’s remember that nothing and no one should under any circumstances attack their values, his integrity, his intelligence, his courage and his self-respect, there are many of us who struggle every day to be better human beings and there are more of us who strive for the people we love, drawing strength from the heart and love”.

His words took on more meaning during an interview he gave on the show God where he said he had started legal proceedings to determine who would retain custody of their son and hinted that he would suffer emotional abuse.

I didn’t know how to set boundaries on time, I didn’t do that. I never let them abuse me physically, verbally or emotionally and I said then that I love myself very much, not anymore. Although I loved that person very much, because I chose him to be the father of my son, but in the end I have to set boundaries because I love myself, but I got confused, I decided to stop it because there is emotional violenceFerka

After what Ferka said, it is clear that the estrangement of the couple will be a process that will lead to legal instances.


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