Fans Compare Juanpa Zurita to Verónica Castro for Her ‘Stranger Things’ Costume

Juanpa Zurite’s costume did not turn out as he expected. Although the influencer tried his best to look like Eddie Munson from ‘Stranger Things’, in the end he gave a sigh of relief to actress and host Verónica Castro.

Halloween is here! Like every year, fans were inspired by the successful series Stranger Things choose your costumes. One of them was influential person and an actor John’s Zuritawho became Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn), one of the most beloved characters of the last season of the series Netflix which was published in February this year. Although it seems her costume didn’t go as planned and she ended up looking more like Verónica Castro, the actress from La Casa de las Flores.

In a post on his Instagram account, Juanpa Zurita shared with his followers a series of pictures in which he revealed the costume he and his brothers had chosen to celebrate Halloween. With fluffy hair, a jacket of denim with leather sleeves, short-sleeved shirt from Hellfire Club and making the sign of the horns with his outstretched tongue, John’s Zurita recreated the look of Dear Eddie.

He is played by a British actor Joseph Quinnthe character of Eddie debuted in the last season of the series Stranger Things and quickly won the hearts of fans of the series. He is the leader Hellfire Club at Hawkins High School and is a role model for the lovable Dustin Henderson, played by Gaten Matarazzo. Soon, Eddie joins the rest of the team to face the powerful enemy Vecna ​​in Upside down.


Eddie Munson or Veronica Castro?

It seems that the national team John’s Zurita made of Eddie Munson did not convince internet users at all, who assured that she looked more like the actress from when i’m young that he is a metal guitarist Stranger Things. With comments like “Veronica Castro is that you?” and “Verónica Castro dressed as Eddie Munson,” users joked about the outfit influential person.

And how loses the one who gets angry, judging the reality show Who is the mask? (whose new season just came out) received the reactions of netizens with humor and decided to make a poll to find out once and for all who he looks like the most. “Eddie Munson Fr butcher on…Veronica Castro?” joked the 26-year-old actor who was thinking his own way cosplay by Eddie Munson would surprise everyone because it “looked good on his dog”.

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