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LIVE: Formula 1 Mexican Grand Prix 2022: Autdromo Hermanos Rodríguez

Vuelta 45/71 | A second and a half is the difference between Checo Prez and Lewis Hamilton. Verstappen increases his lead and is already 10 seconds ahead.

Vuelta 41/71 | Checo Prez starts to be very close to Hamilton, almost at the pace of DRS. The Mexican is giving everything for second place and 1-2 with Verstappen in AHR.

Vuelta 39/71 | The one who calms him down is Verstappen, the world champion is already nine seconds behind Lewis Hamilton and looks like he could hold on for a comfortable victory.


Vuelta 37/71 | Great pace by Checo Prez and he is already a second behind Lewis Hamilton. He enters the DRS range to claim second place in the race and it drives the fans crazy.

Vuelta 35/71 | Russell’s pace drops and he is called to the pits. They make it difficult for him to go all the way and he drops to fourth place behind Checo. The Mexican regains his position on the podium.

Vuelta 31/71 | It is Russell who emerges as the race leader, but still without a tire change. The British are looking for soft tires to go all the way, but that would be a big risk.

Vuelta 29/71 | Although he did not make a bad stop, Charles Leclerc dropped to 12th place after the first tire change. Hamilton was called to the pits.

Vuelta 27/71 | Checo is inspired by the support of the fans and makes a great pass to Charles Leclerc. The Mexican is fifth, but he is waiting for the first stop of two Mercedes.

Vuelta 26/71 | Now it’s Max Verstappen who stops and Checo Prez is in charge of the fastest lap. Behind the two Mercedes came the world champion.

Vuelta 24/71 | Checo Prez enters the pits to make the first tire change and the mechanics make a mistake. Five seconds later, the Mexican fell to sixth place behind Ferrari.

Vuelta 21/71 | Verstappen maintains the lead two seconds behind Lewis Hamilton, and Checo Prez three seconds behind the seven-time world champion. A little shift in positions.

Vuelta 19/71 | He receives a five-second penalty from Pierre Gasly for pushing Lance Stroll off the track and the Canadian drops to last place after his first pit stop.

Vuelta 16/71 | The top remains stationary. The two Ferraris cannot find a rhythm and Carlos Sainz appears eight seconds behind George Russell, unable to fight for positions.

Vuelta 13/71 | Pierre Gasly and Lance Stroll take 15th place and we almost had contact between the two of them, both ending up off the track to avoid falling.

Vuelta 11/71 | The gaps at the top are starting to close and Hamilton is two seconds behind Max, the same gap as between Checo Pérez and George Russell.

Vuelta 9/71 | Daniel Ricciardo finally manages to pass Zhou for 12th place and Stroll does the same against Pierre Gasly who drops to 16th in the race.

Vuelta 7/71 | The Spaniard Fernando Alonso appears in seventh place, but there is strong pressure from Valtteri Bottas, who wants to reach the points positions.

Vuelta 5/71 | It had been a very clean start to the race so far and Hamilton scored, extending his lead over Checo to almost three seconds. Russell appears five of the Mexican.

Vuelta 2/71 | Max Verstappen starts to run away from Lewis Hamilton and the Mexican tries to push for that second place. Leclerc advanced two places and is already sixth behind Carlos Sainz.

Vuelta 1/71 | The lights go out and the engines start! Checo Pérez is already third thanks to a great move by the British George Russell. Verstappen keeps the lead.


1:55 p.m. | All the drivers are already in their cars and everything is ready to start… Waaaaaaamooooooos with promotions from Hermanos Rodríguez Autodrom!

1:45 p.m Everyone has already taken their place in the stands and it was already packed for the start in about 15 minutes. Great atmosphere in the best Grand Prix of the entire season.

1:35 p.m. | All the cars are ready for the previous lap and we are a few seconds away ceremony of singing the national anthem, which will be interpreted by a selected group of children from the office of the mayor of Iztacalac.

1:30 p.m Before getting into the car, Max Verstappen was visited by DJ Martin Garrix, who will be in charge of the atmosphere in Foro Sol after the celebration on the podium.

1:20 p.m. | The fun continues in AHR, and the aircraft have already flown over the track and further ignited the joy of all the fans in the stands.

1:15 p.m. | great detail! The French striker of the Tigers, Andre-Pierre Gignac arrived at the AlphaTauri garage with the jerseys for drivers Pierre Gasly and Yuki Tsunoda.

1:10 p.m Sebastian Vettel arrived at the garage with a nice detail for all his mechanics, to whom he gave cookies famous bakeries in the center of Mexico City.

1:05 p.m. | Asks the official F1 Twitter account who will be the winner of this race, and we are obviously with the Mexican Checo Pérez, who will start from fourth place at the start.

1:00 p.m One hour until the start of the race i no one wants to miss a photo opportunity with Checo Prez, even with its cardboard version.

Grand prize M

12:50 p.m For now, the weather on the track is uncertain. Even though the heat is with everyone, some clouds appear, because of which the rain can start at any moment. Chance of rain is less than 50%.

12:45 p.m No matter what Checo Pérez is a big favorite, Mexican fans don’t forget the Spanish ones and they offer their love to Fernando Alonso and Carlos Sainz.

Grand prize M

12:40 p.m Mariachi sounds and Formula 1 presents its spectacular introduction to the rhythm of traditional Mexican music. A real beauty worth showing off.

12:35 p.m A few minutes ago, the traditional pilot parade was held, from which Checo Prez came down to thank all the favors of his fans at Foro Sol.

12:30 p.m There are 90 minutes left from the start of this race and Mexican fans are already starting to heat up the atmosphere. The stands wear traditional wrestling masks.

Grand prize M

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Bye bye bye. The most anticipated moment has arrived for motor sports fans in Latin America. The Mexican Grand Prix is ​​here and we have it for you minute by minute.

Autdromo Hermanos Rodríguez is already shining in its maximum capacity to support Sergio Pérez, who wants to write history and win in front of all his people.

The race is scheduled for 14:00 in Mexico City and here we will tell you everything that happens minute by minute so that you don’t miss a single detail.

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