Exercise for a bigger chest without weights

    Despite the great controversy between the coaches, The bench press is still king when it comes to building a bigger and stronger chestbut… what if we told you there was a way to get pecs without using weights or dumbbells?

    With bodyweight alone, you can add mass to your chest and even build bigger and stronger triceps, while testing shoulder mobility at the same time.

    This exercise only requires two elevated surfaces to place your hands on, allowing you to use everything from gymnastic rings, to the backs of two chairs, to the corner of the kitchen counter. And exercise means parallel or dips. (Tricep dips if you want bigger arms.)





    The best exercise without weights for a bigger chest

    To get the most out of your dips to pump up your muscles, lower yourself under full control and take 3-5 seconds to lower each rep until you feel a deep stretch in your chest, before explosively coming back up, squeezing your upper body. the back of the body. your hands hard on top.


    After a complete warm-up, perform one set to complete muscle failure, repeating until you can no longer perform a single repetition. Now that we’ve determined your ‘rep max’, multiply this number by four to get your total rep target for the entire workout, then divide your rep max by four to get the number of reps you’ll perform. by series. For example: If you achieve twenty repetitions in your maximum set, your training goal is to achieve eighty repetitions in sets of five.

    Rest for two minutes after your max set, then start short bursts of sets, resting 15 seconds or 10 breaths between sets, until you reach your rep goal. If you can do more than 30 dives in one set, add weight with a weight vest or weight belt. (The Weighted Vest: The CrossFit Secret That Will Boost Your Strength).

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