Evil Arce eats with the boy who asked him for money: they filmed it and it went viral

Former boxer Jorge “El Travieso Arce” was filmed in a restaurant in Hermosillo, Sonora, when he invited a child to eat tacos who came to ask him for money.

The moment was immortalized by another diner, who posted a video on Instagram. In return, the boxer asked him and He posted it on his Twitter account.

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“Hey, yesterday I went to eat tacos with shrimps which I love here in Hermosillo, the guy asked me for money to eat, since I was alone I invited him to eat with me, the girl took a picture and tagged me, on Instagram it’s not an assumption, it just helps, leave I will my neighbor here,” wrote Jorge Arce in his publication

Another tweet, “El Travieso” added that “you need to be more compassionate with your neighborI’m sending you a hug and remember, it’s forbidden to be bitter, to cheer up, life is wonderful”.

The comments of other users did not wait, and although there were those who claimed that he was only looking for attention, the vast majority left him nice messages: “As befits, champion above and below the ring”, “More people like you my dear Jorge Naughty Arce “.

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