Emanuel Villa ran for another sporting director of Cruz Azul

Cement plants are still waiting for a solution to one of the problems that has spread in recent weeks.

© Media hourVila “Tito” is still waiting for the announcement of a new sports director

Although it is public knowledge that Carlos López de Silanes will not continue as Cruz Azul’s sporting director, His replacement on duty is not yet known, and the sky blue’s time continues to shorten. Cementari will return from vacation next week, and the figure in charge of Raúl Gutiérrez’s squad is still unknown.

Given that Ramiro Carrera is closed, several issues that are the responsibility of this position in the organization chart of the institution still need to be resolved. Renewals, prints and registrations are the priorities of the acting sports director, a position that is still vacant in Cruz Azul despite the fact that Luis Miguel Salvador has all the chips to get there. The question is when.

It seems that Emanuel Villa is tired of the subject -like all fans- and suggested a name that was not in the polls. In addition to Salvador, the other two figures who sounded were Francisco Palencia and Gerardo Torrado, however, the latter two were excluded by the current administration.

Therefore, the exgoleador of Cruz Azula threw out the name Arthur Villanuevawho until a few days ago held the position of sports director of KK Atletico Morelia. “Look out CruzAzul here! There aren’t many presis like this!”the former striker wrote in the edition of Morelia, where they thanked the manager for his work.

Who is Arturo Villanueva?

Villanueva was relieved of his duties after Atlético Morelia was eliminated in the quarterfinals of the Liga de Expansión MX. The one known as “Calaco“He barely lasted a year in office after replacing Patricio Arana. Villanueva is known for being part of the governing body of Gallos del Querétaro.

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