Elon Musk is firing the entire Twitter staff in Mexico

In the savings plan Elon Musk already materialized with him dismissal of the entire workforce Twitter Mexico.

Today, Friday, November 4 workers from Twitter Mexico Their work accounts were blocked and they joined the workers who were fired by the tycoon.

Just one week after taking control of the company, Elon Musk has decided to lay off about 3,700 employees worldwide as of today, Friday, November 4.

For days, workers t Twitter Mexico They showed concern whether they will continue to work or not. Reality set in just a few hours ago.

Hugo Rodríguez Nicolat, member of PAN and employee of Twitter pointed out AMLO

Hugo Rodríguez Nicolat, director of public policy for Twitter for Latin Americaappointed by the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) due to the connection with the National Action Party (PAN), in January 2021.

And that is that she is the director Twitter he was an adviser to Diego Fernández de Cevallos and He participated in Felipe Calderón’s transition team before taking power in 2006.

However, at that time, Twitter Mexico He said that only personal affiliations have no influence on the operation of the social network. He added that his spokespersons can only discuss rules and processes with the public of the social network, and not about particular interests.

Hugo Rodríguez Nicolat

Hugo Rodríguez Nicolat (LinkedIn)

Twitter is losing them: they’re out of a job, but they’re already recommending them

As in any episode where people lose their jobs en masse, they have already started recommending each other and highlighting their own talent wasted by the company.

The most read in Mexico

User @pistolmendoza, now a former employee Twitter Mexicohe recommended to his dismissed colleagues after confirming the termination of employment.

Twitter workers in Mexico fired at dawn

Denisse Rosales, former employee Twitter Mexicohe wrote it Elon Musk He conducted it in the early morning hours of this Friday, November 4.

A tweet from a former Twitter employee in Mexico

A tweet from a former Twitter employee in Mexico (Tweet by ex-employee of Twitter Mexico)

Mexico and Brazilthe first two economies and major markets Latin Americaare two countries that woke up to the bad news of Elon Musk’s mass layoffs.

In Brazil, 150 former workers received an email saying their access would be blocked at 4:00 am.

Both directives Twitter MexicoAlmudena Blanco, like the Brazilian Fiamma Zarifa, wrote farewell messages.

Twitter workers in the United Kingdom suffered the same fate because at 3:00 a.m. theirs computers were remotely wipedthe justification was that it had become a very small office.

Elon Musk says he’s looking for a healthy path for Twitter

Elon Musk He said a “healthy” path was being sought for the company while cutting the workforce globally.

For some workers, it was not necessary to receive mail because they had already found their equipment without access to do the work.

Elon Musk blames activists for falling Twitter revenue

This November 4th Elon Musk pointed out that Twitter had a decline in revenue due to complaints from activists who put pressure on its advertisers.

This has had the effect of moderating content to appease activist groups.

He insists that, according to his vision, freedom of expression is being destroyed.

Elon Musk blames activists

Elon Musk blames activists (Twitter Elon Musk)

Celebrating firing of Twitter staff in Mexico

On social networks, some users have already celebrated the dismissal of the entire staff Twitter Mexico.

The justification is that this will break the control that groups like National Action Party (PAN).

They celebrate the firing of Twitter workers in Mexico

They celebrate the firing of Twitter workers in Mexico (They celebrate the firing of Twitter workers in Mexico)

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