Elections in Brazil: “These are the most important elections since the end of the dictatorship because our still fragile democratic system is at stake”

  • Gerardo Lissardy
  • BBC News World

Montage of photos of Bolsonaro and Lula

Brazil’s presidential election between Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and Jair Bolsonaro this Sunday is the country’s most important election since the end of the military dictatorship in 1985, a prominent Brazilian political scientist and historian tells BBC Mundo.

In the largest country of Latin America, the “still fragile democratic system” is at stake, he says. Jose Murilo de Carvalhomember of the Brazilian Academy of Literature and the Brazilian Academy of Sciences.

Former President Lula, a 77-year-old leftist who won 48.4% of the vote in the first round of elections this month, goes into the election with a lead of between four and eight points in various valid voter intention polls released this Saturday.

But incumbent President Bolsonaro, a 67-year-old far-right, won more votes in the first round than polls predicted (43.2%) and is seeking re-election against many predictions.

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