El Tri will close their preparations for Qatar 2022 with a tour in Spain

Girona, Spain. /

dream Tricolor started. The Mexican team took a step towards the last stage of preparations for World Cup in Qatar 2022 (20.11.-18.12.), after arriving in the city Girona, Spainwhere is the complex where you will be concentrated on training and two preliminary matchesexcept that the majority of football players who play in the European leagues will meet at the mentioned place.

The idea of Gerardo “Daddy” Martino is to close ranks in the complex of PGA Catalunyagolf club located 20 kilometers from the center of Gironaand that he is completely away from any distraction, a situation that will favor the selected so that they can concentrate ahead of the World Cup in which Mexico will debut on November 22 against Poland.

The Mexican team will face off in this Spanish city Iraq on November 9, at the Montilivi stadium; however, there will be a day 14 of the specified month, when Nanny Martino from his final list selected for the World Cup; that is, the pay list that he published a few days ago 31 players will be reduced to 26so five elements will be ‘cut off’ but remember that FIFA allows changes to the team list up to 24 hours before the start of the World Cup, as long as it is for injury.

The last synod that will have three parts Nanny Martino it will be Swedenthe team that will face the November 16 at the Montilivi Stadium; It will be the next day when the selective Mexican travels to the World Cup.

The last test for Raúl and Tecatito

During this final part of concentration Mexico national teamjust before traveling to Catarrhfinal examinations will be carried out Raul Jimenez and Jesus Manuel Coronawho are injured, and this will decide whether they will be ready to play at the World Cup.

According to the sources he consulted medievalthere will be a match against the Swedes daily limit, so that they both show that they can play an official football match and be registered in the the final list of 26 for the World Cup.

The Europeans will arrive in time

According to the calendar of European competitions, Mexican players who fight in Europe will be published on November 13so he will only get to play in the match against Swedenand then they should be ready to face Poland, Argentina and Saudi Arabiaselective with those who share Group C.

The trip of the tricolor through Europe

The fastidious Mexican left CAR objects this Monday, October 31, where he has been training for several days with Nanny Martino; El Tri went to Mexico International Airportto catch the flight they were taken on Spanish and begin with the dream of surpassing the World Championship.

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