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On the headband of the twelfth collected volume of the manga he wrote and illustrated Roku Sakura, Busu ni Hanataba wo (A bouquet for an ugly girl), the production of an anime adaptation has been announced. However, the press release did not reveal production details or a planned release date.

Busu ni Hanataba wo

Roku Sakar the magazine started publishing manga Young ace from the publisher Kadokawaand he finished it in November 2022. Sakura also wrote other works such as Flowernoid no Shuufukushi, Satsuki no SoraMr Wonderful days; and participated in the compilation Bungou Stray Dogs Koushiki Anthology: Rin.

Synopsis de Busu ni Hanataba wo

Despite what her name suggests, Hana Tabata is nothing like a flower. His eyes are too small and his limbs are far from skinny. She is actually “ugly” and as such knows that beautiful things and fairytale romance are out of her league. But that doesn’t stop her from daydreaming every morning as she arranges beautiful flower beds at school that contrast with her appearance.

One day, a chance encounter brings Tabata into contact with his classmate, Yousuke Ueno, who is known to be handsome and extremely kind. Why is such a popular student getting associated with a background character like her? It’s an unfathomable situation for Tabata, but can Ueno show him that looks aren’t everything?

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© Zuorakuroku (author) / KADOKAWA

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