Eduardo Capetillo: Who is the cousin of the actor who stole the limelight and is now a preacher?

Definitely, Edward Capetillo He has a talented family, which has not only stood out by participating in small screens and social networks, counting thousands of followers, as in the case of his wife, Baby Gaytánand their children Eduardo, Paula and Alejandra Capetillo.

Let’s recall that the youngest of the Capetillo dynasty were in the cooking reality show Master Chef, which he watched via a streaming platform. Netflix.

Eduardo Capetillo became the protagonist of several IG soap operas @capetillo_eduardo

talented blood

On the part of his family, that is, Eduardo’s brothers, he also has great talent, as it is William Capetillowho before him had appearances on television, for example in telenovelas “And rich people cry“, where he stole the hearts of viewers in the role of Alberto “Beto” López, the son of Mariana Villarreal, who played Veronica Castro.

However, it was not this brother who grabbed the glory, but his other brother, the toreador Manuel Capetillowho also appeared on the small screen in several soap operas and appeared in 20 films, although he was replaced by a more energetic younger version that took away some of the leading roles from his brother.

Manuel Capetillo now devotes himself to preaching Photo: Twitter @clarketo

Dedicated to preaching the word of God

After leaving acting and the spotlight, the former bullfighter found his calling in life, which he now travels NOW and countries of Latin America, preaching the word of God in the Catholic faith. Likewise, the exactor published his book “Encounter with the truth”; He left behind the world of entertainment, bullfighting and even his legacy.

He travels to the United States to give the word of the Lord Photo: Twitter @clarketo


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