Ecuador Strengthens Articulation of Ancestral Medicine with National Health System at “Together, Healing the Body and Healing the Spirit” Meeting – PAHO/WHO

Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas, October 29, 2022.– With the aim of contributing to the strengthening of traditional ancestral medicine and its articulation with the national health system, the National Meeting of Men and Women of the Wisdom of Ancestral Medicine was held from October 27 to 28, at the Shino Pi Bolon center from the commune of Tsáchila Colorados del Bua. This activity had technical cooperation with the Office of the Pan American Health Organization / World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) in Ecuador.

At the meeting, intra- and intercultural dialogues were held with participants and intercultural health centers of nine zonal coordinations of the Ministry of Public Health of Ecuador. Topics of interest such as: ethical code of traditional ancestral medicine, falsehood in this practice and self-regulation processes were discussed in the working groups. On the second day, obligations between practitioners’ organizations, proposals on the health of the people and ethnicity, ancestral medicines were defined.

The Minister of Public Health, José Ruales, was present at the opening of the meeting and participated in the Tsáchila ancestral ritual. It consisted of healing with elements of nature, such as stones, plants and flowers. “Traditional and Western medicine are complementary. We value these cultural and ancestral practices that communities have.”

He also explained that they are working on projects to facilitate communication with people who speak different languages. It also seeks to adapt the characteristics of the communities of the Amazon, Sierra and Costa to the health model, with the aim of improving conditions for the population.

Mateo Calazacón, Governor of Tsáchila, participated in the meeting and commented that “ancestral medicine must be on a par with Western medicine. Our doctors have worked from generation to generation for the common good. That’s why we are happy in this space of knowledge and knowledge”.

The PAHO/WHO collaboration builds on other meetings and programs that strengthen the joint action of Daedal and traditional medicine, for the benefit of timely and quality care for people. These actions confirmed the commitment to the comprehensive strengthening of public health in Ecuador.

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