dr. Carolina Carvajal: virtue, beauty and medicine

Beauty is a subjective term that has had different meanings depending on who defines it. A generalized idea of ​​what we know about this concept is maintained in the collective imagination and, in the same way, the world in which we live is thus classified. Aesthetic medicine came as an alternative for “polishing” those details that, for whatever reason, make us conflict with our image. But subspecialized microsurgery surgeon Carolina Carvajal tries to combine her moral values ​​with the responsibility that her medical job entails.

A graduate of the Military University of Nueva Granada, educated by the best mentors in the field in Colombia, Carvajal devoted herself to microsurgical training in Taiwan to develop aesthetic skills and achieve much more advanced reconstructions. As a result of years of preparation, he later gave birth to his brand Carvajal Plastic Surgery, which offers a wide range of surgical procedures, both on the face and on the body, invasive or minimally invasive, as well as products for postoperative use such as belts, creams, among others. Being a professional part of the Colombian Society of Plastic Surgery, Carvajal advises beauty queens, actors and musicians, in addition to being associated with foundations dedicated to helping populations at risk. And although his vast experience guarantees his knowledge in the field, his goals prioritize the more humane side to guide his patients in both the physical and psychological process.

“I believe that there are many people who can be helped by plastic surgery, both from an aesthetic and a reconstructive point of view,” explains the specialist. Although concern for personal image can usually be labeled as “superficial”, the doctor emphasizes the importance of these procedures as a possibility that affects the patient as a whole. This is where your perception of beauty comes into play with the responsibility that comes with subjecting someone to a surgical alteration that can affect their mental and physical health.

“It is not an economic question, it is a question that implies that what you do will mark the patient for the rest of his life” Dr. Carolina Carvajal

From serum therapies, state-of-the-art laser hydration, mesotherapy, botulinum toxin treatment, hyaluronic acid, facial masculinization and feminization, to rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, mentoplasty, abdominal markings, liposuction and more, Carvajal offers a list of services with natural and functional results, adapted to unique physical structures of each person. In addition, the doctor emphasizes breast reconstruction in patients with breast cancer. Since Colombia is a country where about 15,000 new cases have been registered in the last year, this type of cancer is most common in women with an average age of 59. Carvajal joins the experts who, with their knowledge and experience, want to lend a hand to those women whose disease has caused the loss of a key part of the concept of femininity, with different procedures carried out from mastectomy that are done depending on each case.

Courtesy of Carolina Carvajal

With local tissues, distant tissues or implants, there are different methods that can be developed in breast reconstruction with advanced techniques to give way to a new beginning for the patient who has struggled with a disease that has undoubtedly marked the before and after in her life. “Looking good means feeling good,” he adds.

But her professionalism goes beyond the results we all look for when we undergo an aesthetic procedure, since Dr. Carvajal believes that a special study of each person she comes to is important so that beauty is not a “dictatorship”. This is his big badge that signifies his love for work. “I also want people to know that plastic surgery is wonderful, it requires a lot of training, it requires a very steep learning curve, but it also means exposure to enormous risks for both the doctor and the patient.”

His comprehensive training does not allow him to be a “replica factory”, but to maintain the unique beauty of each being, blending his restructuring skills with the specific needs of each of his clients, balancing what he wants and what can be done. “It’s about changing lives with awareness,” he concludes, and opens the door to all people who want to improve their quality of life through treatments that are not only focused on tangible results, but also reinforce virtue, beauty and medicine.

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