‘Divine Food’: These are the deleted scenes in the series with Belinda and Rafa Márquez for HBO Max

Have you ever dreamed of having dinner with Belinda, Karol Sevilla or Rafa Márquez? That could happen with ‘Divine Food,’ a new HBO Max series in which celebrities will share their most intimate secrets while cooking with each other.

Food is not only capable of bringing a group of people together to share a small part of their lives, it is also one of life’s greatest pleasures. And to prove that we are not wrong, HBO Max just launched divine foodseries starring a wide-ranging cast of celebrities from film, television, theatre, music and even sports, such as Belinda, Karol SevillaRafa Marquez the Alex Lora.

The goal of this production is to divide its participants into four groups, where each must compete to become the best host in Mexico. This will allow you to see how Belinda makes a mess in her kitchen, while Jose Angel Bichir, Veronica Toussaint and Manu NNa tried to be patient and not die of laughter.


We talk to the protagonists divine foodwho shared with us that there are an infinite number of deleted scenes. In some cases, the team was so talkative that hours of material remained, as in the episode with Karol Sevilla, Michelle Rodriguez, Carlos Gatica and Margarita, the cumbia goddess.

I think that there were hours and hours at this table that never came out. We couldn’t stop talking, we hadn’t started the first scene yet, and we were already talking, they were locking us up for laughing out loud. In addition, Carlos (Gatica) and I arrived: ‘Hi friend, how are you? Hey, how did you see…”, the protagonist of The Game of Keys and Mirreyes against Godínez said with a laugh to Sensacine México.

Another of the tables also brought together musicians of different generations such as Dulce María, Erik Rubín, María León and Alex Lora, who true to his style shared that a big part of the magic behind the scenes was the unrepeatable moments in which only they and the staff were involved : “Very crazy things turned out. Before we started recording we said ‘the same shit has to happen again because it’s going to be a lot of fun’, but at the time of recording other, more fun waves came out. At the end of the shoot, we said to each other: ‘Do you remember the things we had to say? We didn’t say them anymore because the flight time was up’”.

Experiences and memories come to light only with food and toasts.

And of course, we couldn’t miss the opportunity now that the World Cup in Qatar is approaching, so we talked to Rafa Márquez, one of the world’s most famous soccer players, who He told us who his idol is, for whom he would like to make honey while cooking, so that we could get to know him better and chat between drinks.


“Michael Jordan he is one of my idols and admired from a young age, he was also an example to try to achieve important things. I would like to have him at the table in my house, serve him, try to have a good time and, obviously, ask interesting topics”, said the footballer who shared the table with Emmanuel, Itatí Cantoral and Faisy. .

The divine food It consists of four episodes, each of which lasts longer than 30 minutes.so we recommend preparing dinner and stocking up on your favorite snacks to enjoy the first season of HBO Max, We don’t want you to die of thirst watching these celebrities share unique anecdotes.

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