Diego Lainez breaks his silence and talks about his signing with Tigres

Diego Lainez's decision on the American offer
Diego Lainez’s decision on the American offer

The creative midfielder of Sporting Braga and the Mexican national team, Diego Lainez, is clear when and to which team he will return when his time in Europe is over. In an interview with Hugo Sánchez, Lainez admitted that there were offers from Liga MX, and one of them would be from Tigres.

Diego Lainez claimed that he is very attached to America and that, despite the fact that they were looking for him so that he could return, he preferred to stay in Europe, which is why he was loaned from Real Betis to Sporting Brago, because the idea is to stay in Europe.

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On the other hand, Diego Lainez assured that if he returns to Mexico, it will only be to defend the jersey of America, the team in which he was born and with which he was the champion. Therefore, he would reject any offer from Tigres or any other club that wants the services of the Sporting Braga right-back.

What does Tigres offer Lainez to return?

Diego Lainez is aware that Tigres can make a million dollar offer and use it to improve their future. However, before the World Cup, the Mexican preferred to stay in Europe and analyze the offers after Qatar 2022, but within the European continent.

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