Desirée Cordero’s workout for steel glutes

    When it comes to training, we have everyone in mind exercises that cannot be missing in each of our routines; was it a squat press bench, clean, deadlift or any other of the endless exercises that exist. Y If there’s one thing we tend to decide between one and the other, it’s usually their effectiveness.. Because yes, in addition to liking them to make training more enjoyable, many of us like to exercise exercises that suit us best.

    If we are going to dedicate a few hours a week to training, it is ideal to use them to the maximum to strengthen the body. Of course, who seems to have found her star butt toning exercise is Desirée Cordero. The model revealed to us in her latest stories Instagram, which is a gluteal exercise in which he is already an “expert”. You only have to look at the performance and the kilograms he is able to move.

    Desirée Cordero’s stellar glute workout

    In recent weeks, we’ve seen the model perform several demanding workouts and even a workout routine with her friends, proof that she’s more into her workouts than ever. Now just show me what it is an exercise that helps you show off a toned butt: the hip thrust; an exercise that seemingly dominates, because managed to do it with no more and no less than 100 kilos.

    Instagram: @desirecordero

    You probably know which exercise we’re talking about, either because you’ve already practiced it or you’ve seen someone do it in the gym. If your goal is to strengthen your glutes and you haven’t tried it yet, We recommend that you try it because it will help you get a firm and lifted butt. But hey! In this exercise, as in the others, technique is extremely important. We leave you with one here a guide for you to know all its exercise benefits and learn how to perform them properly.

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