David Faitelson threatens to make all Americans disappear

The Mexican journalist gave a stern warning to all America’s fans.

David Faitelson has attacked America again.
© @davidfaitelson_espnDavid Faitelson has attacked America again.

America It has the best fans in Mexico and the proof of this was the great attendance that was recorded in the stadiums during the opening tournament of Liga MX 2022. Despite this great fact, David Faitelson once again lashed out at Azulcremas fansbut this time he issued a stern warning.

Journalist from ESPN caused controversy on social networks by confirming that managed to get in touch with Elon Muskowner of Twitter, to report the behavior of various Eagles fans.

Faitelson, as is his custom, warned all those fans of America who constantly insult and criticize him on social networks. could be removed very quickly forever.

I inform you, whoever is left with the bag, that I have already sent a message to Mr. Elon Musk to report the entire horde of angry people who write to me just to insult me… Be careful, they will kick you out of this peaceful and respectful community and twitter will run out of americanists“, he wrote.

As expected, tDavid’s uit was filled with new criticism by the Eagles sector, who reminded him of the Cuauhtémoc Blanco coup, insulted him and questioned his work as a journalist.

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