Dani Alves caused controversy because he was not a Pumas player in his IGMedio tiempo


Will it? Dani Alvescurrent league player UNAM Cougars on Liga MXcaused a storm on social networks by removing him from his profile Instagram which belongs to the CU institution so that a significant part of the fans started guess but Brazilian he could have played his last game with the cats.

Is Dani Alves saying goodbye to Pumas?

It should be noted that previously Dani Alves included in the description of his instagram profile a legend that confirmed him as a league player UNAM Cougars. However, he recently decided to leave it out, so it is now simply set as a “Professional athlete”.

However, the legend of football club Barcelona he still maintains the said legend in his account Twitterwhere you can read: “Current club: Pumas from Mexico” next to the Mexican flag emoji. This little detail just helped even more questions the continuity of Alves with auriazul set.

It is important to mention that Dani Alves he did not appear last Thursday at Quarrythe day his teammates returned to the facilities to begin preparations for the tournament Closing in 2023. Students will undergo medical tests prior to full commencement preseason in Acapulco, Guerrero.

The Brazilian star keeps in shape at The facilities FC Barcelona Bhoping be called for the final list of your selection and you will be able to go to World Cup in Qatar 2022. In case he is not invited to the World Cup fair, Alves would have to report according to the order Raphael’s Bridge prepare for the next campaign.

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