Dani Alves admits that he “paid the price” of playing in Liga MX

The 39-year-old Brazilian has a contract with Pumas until the summer of 2023

player from cougars, Dani Alves revealed that he “paid the price” of playing in the Liga MX he has to adapt to the second championship mainly due to the lack of physical preparation before his debut with the cat team.

In an interview for the portal UOLformer club player Barcelona Mr PSG He noted that in his first tournament with the varsity team, “everything went” accepting that it was not a good campaign for the team, although he indicated that he was not disappointed with his performance.

“For this short time I had, I think the individual performance was good, although the group performance was not. I arrived and after three days I was already playing. I didn’t do the preseason, I didn’t know very well, and in two months everything happened. I knew that it will be a tough championship, with matches at altitude, adapting to a different culture. I paid the price for that,” he commented.

Days There was also time to remember the game in between Barcelona Mr Satin in World Club Championship 2009and assured that he was always curious to play in Mexican football.

“They are less than they could be, they can be much more because of the quality of the players they have. In 2009, in Barcelona from Guardiolawe faced them in the semi-finals world and almost eliminated us. That made me curious.

“I wanted to have this experience (of playing in Mexico). I knew very well the Italian league, the Spanish league, the French league, the Brazilian league. And the Mexican school of soccer is something I love,” he said.

Dani Alves39, has a contract with Cougars until the summer of 2023 and the Brazilian traveled to Barcelona At the end of Aperture 2022 and on social media, he shared that he was working in the facilities of the Blaugrana team before the possibility of being invited Tita for World Cup in Qatar.

Sources claim that Pumas have contacted Jaime Lozano, who is a candidate to replace Lillini

Directive of Cougars contacted Jaime Lozanoget to know your project and analyze whether you are an ideal candidate for the technical director of the university team.

According to sources, the management contacted the former coach Necaxa, get to know your proposal and requirements. Because of his experience and identity with Cougars He is among the candidates for leading the university team.

Jaime Lozano started in Necaxa the last tournament, by dropping out in the play-off phase, while Cougars left out of the top 12 teams in Opening in 2022. The coach who won a bronze medal in Tokyo 2020 has separated from the hydro-warm facility and is open to new projects.

Cougarsmeanwhile, left out of the team Andres Lilliniafter the Argentine could not place the students in the league, despite having such players Dani Alves on Eduardo Toto Salvio.

So far, contacts between Cougars Mr Jaime Lozano They just need to know the details of your project and the conditions the trainer sets.

This was also known in previous weeks Ricardo ‘Tuca’ Ferrettiwith Guillermo Vazquezwith the aim of taking over the technical direction Cougarsin an attempt to revive the team.

In South America, for its part, it was associated with Ariel Holland with the university team, although no details of the alleged contact have been released.

Jaime Lozano is a player who trained in the basic forces Cougars and became famous for his results in the first team. Jimmy is the author of the “Made in CU” T-shirt, which is identified with several players and fans of the university.

Jaime Lozanoafter passing Necaxa and Olympic selection, is a candidate for leading the university team.

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