Dalia Ramos, a Mexican engineer who got into Formula 1 because of an ad on LinkedIn

In the Covid-19 pandemic, Dalia Ramos wanted a new challenge and found it in an ad on LinkedIn. That’s how she came to Formula 1, as a department manager at Alpinea

Fernando Alonso was blown up when he crashed with Lance Stroll at the United States Grand Prix. The car flew away from the Circuit of the Americas by inches and stopped only when it hit the retaining wall. The Spanish driver stayed on the track and climbed 10 positions, from 17th to seventh, and all the work to keep the car on the track in one piece is a responsibility Mexican engineer, Dahlia Ramoswho leads the development and testing department of the team Alpine from Formula 1.

The native of Mexico City broke the stereotypes. Ever since she was a child, she chose cars over dolls. Her dream was clear: to get involved in the world of motor sports, and fate led her to lead a department where 45 people work.

Dahlia Ramos Guerra es”mechatronics engineer. Cars have always attracted me, luxury cars and racing cars caught my eye equally. I’ve always wanted to work on this.” During the Covid-19 pandemic, his life turned upside down when he saw a vacancy on the team Alpineto which he decided to apply and join the list of Mexicans working in the Big Circus.

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Literally on LinkedIn. During the pandemic I was in charge of Rolls-Royce global repair and turbine factories and it was a remote position, and with the pandemic I wanted a new challenge, which is to sit on the sofa, spend the night looking at the stands and when I saw that post I knew that they talk about me. It was what I wanted and it was what I was looking for, and when I read what they were looking for I knew they were talking about me”.

In an interview for ESPN, Dahlia She admitted that she was hesitant to apply for the position, but with the support of her partner, she decided to take the plunge and look for a place in the French team based in Estonia.

“You Formula 1 and I said it’s super hard. My partner told me to go and I would like to say that you don’t have to stutter and keep going, you have to try. I had a long distance conversation with my current boss and a colleague, they asked me when I was coming back to the UK, because they wanted to talk to me there. I traveled, finished the quarantine and went to the factory the next day. There were eight hours of discussions with department heads. I realized that these are the people I want to work with. The next day I had an offer on the table,” he recalls with a tone of emotion Mexican engineer.

Dalija Ramos’ job is one of the most important in the team, because she is responsible for the quality of gearboxes, hydraulics, fuel and brakes; as well as the pre-assembly and the whole FIA ​​homologation issue to confirm that everything is safe and also the development in the test.

His mother, María Isabel Guerra, remembers that “Dahlia Carolina always chose cars. “Yes, he had a doll or two that he was very fond of, but cars were always his passion.”

“We have to stop believing that this is not for us. My parents always put it in my head that you will do what you want or suggest. “There was never a question of gender in my family,” he said. Dahlia Ramosmember Alpine.

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