Dad is exposed because he does not pay his pension and has for the Mexican GPMediotiempo

the city of Mexico /

The Mexico City Grand Prix It has become one of the most anticipated events year after year, as shown by the 395,902 fans who filled the stands of the Hermanos Rodríguez Autodrome, a new record set in 2022.

However, this time some of the pictures which occurred during its realization were used by a woman to condemn the lack of pension contributions from one of the participants, who ended up “burning” on social networks.

On your Facebook account, user Ana shared a powerful message along with several photos of her fatherwho appears accompanied by another woman.

“Help me get it, because he blocked me… He doesn’t have it for his son’s pension, but he has it to go to F1. PAY ALREADY, YOU OWE $25,600 TODAY!”you can read.

“I’ve already sent the dates and the membership fee to his mother and they’re just driving me crazy. And I’m not counting the drugs, hospitals and surgeries my son has had because he has a pretty expensive disease,” he added, realizing the idea that he might not achieve anything, but “minimally embarrassed”.

The publication divided opinions in the comments, but the support was greater.

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