Czech Pérez father, a character who tried to steal the reputation of his own son

Checo Pérez's father, Antonio Pérez Garibay celebrated his son's third place finish at the 2022 Formula 1 Mexican Grand Prix at the Hermanos Rodríguez Autódromo (Photo: Mark Thompson/Getty Images)

Checo Pérez’s father, Antonio Pérez Garibay celebrated his son’s third place finish at the 2022 Formula 1 Mexican Grand Prix held at the Hermanos Rodríguez Circuit (Photo: Mark Thompson/Getty Images)

Sergio Czech Perez are youunforgettable weekend in sports matters. pilot of Red Bull Racing was made of third place in Mexican Grand Prix 2022 from Formula 1 coming up behind your partner Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton Mercedes. The moment belonged to the Mexican driver, the spotlight was on the driver, but there was someone who made an effort occupy a central place and appeared whenever he could in front of the cameras: Antonio Pérez Garibay, his father.

Before the start of the race held in Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguezfather of Czech Perez I’ve already tried to appear as leading actor, Even if it didn’t come naturally. The engineers of the English team were giving the last instructions to the driver from Jalisco for the start of the competition, when they saw behind them Antonio Perez Garibay and there were some who criticized that fact.

Already after the finished race, the spectators greeted Verstappen and Pérez with a standing ovation to perform on the podium in first and third place, that is. Attendees who stayed in Sunny forum they celebrated and watched both drivers celebrate their performances. on the track Perez Garibay he wasted no time and pounced on his son full of emotions.

There, before the award ceremony, Checo’s father and his sister went to hug the driver because of the results. That’s when social networks did their part, raising awareness of the event and they criticized the politician 63 years old.

They accused him on Twitter of wanting to steal Protagonism.

In addition, a picture of the father went viral Lewis Hamilton gave a kiss to the father of Czech; the above happened after Great Britain Grand Prix, Perez Garibay congratulated Anthony Hamilton for the victory of his son and gave him a kiss, so that he responded with a gesture in Mexican Grand Prix.

At this point, the one that Pérez Garibay using every space to appear on the screen is already something known, especially if it is the Mexican Grand Prix.

Race from Antonio Perez Garibay She didn’t just stay connected to the driving lanes and support her son. From several years enters political life. The one born in Jalisco was launched as candidate for mayor of Guadalajara in 2015 for fun A new alliance.

Hand in hand with the Fourth Transformation, Garibay was chosen as Morena’s deputy from Jalisco 2018 Not to mention that he will run as Governor of Jalisco in 2024 when he finishes his deputy cycle. “Let’s go to the governorship, I’m going to work in 2024completely… Antonio Perez Garibay He never thought of another place. The second place is the first loser. I know what I’m doing, I know what I’m working on and I assure you that I will bethe next governor“, he told W Radio.


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