Cynthia Klitbo takes out her claws for her daughter: she responds to those who criticize her

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Actress Cynthia Klitbolike any mom came to the defense of her daughter Elise from the constant criticism she has been receiving lately. She revealed that they hit her family too hard and that she is not ready to accept such strong messages from the haters.

It was difficult for her to become a mother, and when she finally did, she became the great love of her life. She named her little miracle Elisa Fernanda and agreed to take care of her, protect her and keep her alone forever, without the need for a partner. She is now a 16-year-old teenager and unfortunately she is getting attacked on social media.

Cynthia Klitbo decided to use her official online accounts to open her heart and regret the bad time the aggressors are making her go through. “There are people who enjoy criticizing my daughter. And I don’t understand how there are people who can make such awful comments about a 16-year-old girl. I don’t understand”he began with the words

The famous 55-year-old decided to put an end to her little girl’s bad comments. “If I decide to upload my daughter singing because I’m proud of her and they don’t like it, I better avoid your comment. Being a proud mother, I wanted that little girl for eleven years and it’s the best gift in life.”

Of course, he commented in a more expressive way “I don’t like being messed with. So avoid her comments because I block them.”

The actress received so many good comments and applause in the video that she decided to denounce the haters and put an end to the bad comments.

“How good of you to defend your precious daughter, enough bullying! And even more so with minors.”

“You and all of us moms don’t like no one messing with our kids and people talk like that because it’s free, and they write here because they have nothing better to do than mess with others. Be very proud of your doll and of you.”

“Block critical people.”

These are some of the comments Cynthia Klitbo received in her post defending her daughter against the aggressive comments she received on social media.

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