Cynthia Klitbo reacted to the breakup between Niurka and Juan Vidal

  • A few days ago, Niurka Marcos announced the end of her relationship with Juan Vidal.

  • Cynthia Klitbo assured that Niurka Marcos must be going through a bad time and claimed that she deserves something better than Vidal.

In an interview for the show Prva ruka, the actress commented that she will not say anything against ‘Scandal Woman’ because she knows that she is going through a complicated situation after the breakup.

“I did not attack her, nor will I attack her because I believe in female sisterhood and that women must support each other and I know that deep down she must not be having a good time. The only thing I wish for her is that she finds a person who really deserves her.” manifested.

“Despite the fact that sometimes she is crazy and broke and broke and whatever you want, the truth is that she is a very dedicated and very passionate woman. Not that I’m going to tell her, ‘Call me if you need anything,’ but my respect to all women above all others.”he commented.

Niurka Marcos

About Juan Vidal, the celebrity emphasized that she is very sorry for the “psychological problems” he has without supervision, hoping that he will soon go to therapy to solve his inner conflicts.

“I wish with all my heart that one day he can go to therapy because he also needs to know, as a person, that he can be a better person. I’m not saying she’s a bad person, but she gives me sympathy, that’s all I can say.”he concluded.

Let’s remember, then Cynthia Klitbo condemned that Juan Vidal mentally abused her and even asked her for money while they were together, audio recordings were even leaked where the Dominican man is heard arguing with the actress.

Cynthia Klitbo

After these statements, Niurka warned Klitbo that if she continued to speak badly about her then-partner, she would “go to her throat” and even labeled her as a madwoman.

“We’ll answer that mamad very soon*, but I want you to imagine, for a moment in your mental jackets, that I’m going to apologize to someone, except that pendej*”, he said recently in one of his Instagram stories.

Niurka will not apologize

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