CRISTIANO MOCKS HIMSELF: The full story behind Cristiano Ronaldo’s new celebration with Manchester United

Cristiano Ronaldo he repeated the celebration he made against Everton in the Premier League. This Thursday, after an upset in the UEFA Europa League against Sheriff, Beetle He closed his eyes and crossed his arms at chest level.

We know many are still wondering why the mythical SIIIIU changed. And, well, it’s an inside joke, a local joke.

As reported by United’s official portal, the first team players noticed that during transfers for matches, the Portuguese monster sleeps in this way. And showing the good vibes he has with his teammates, CR7 poked fun at himself.


“Ronaldo’s celebration came about as an inside joke between his teammates, reflecting a good moment the team goes through in the privacy of the dressing room. Closing his eyes and folding his arms, the striker mimicked the position he usually takes when he travels to another city or country to represent Manchester United. “

The first time Cris did this celebration was with Antony. The Brazilian winger is fascinated by what he has Beetle as a mentor: “Since I arrived, Cristiano Ronaldo has helped me a lot to feel comfortable. He talks to me a lot, also on match days. He always tells me to be calm and confident. He has achieved a lot in the world of football and I learn from him every day. I am very grateful to have such an experienced person teaching the younger ones.”

Data without defeat. Cristiano Ronaldo scored 701 official goals at club level. His best period was at Real Madrid, where he scored 450 goals in 438 games played. Iconic.

Did you know…? Cristiano Ronaldo is the player with the most official goals in the entire history of professional football. He has 818 official goals and counting. Historical record in Real Madrid, UEFA Champions League, European Championship and national teams. Craziness.

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