controversial video in which he would appear consuming drugs

Although it is true that Madonna has never led a peaceful career away from scandals, in recent months the so-called “queen of pop” has been in the midst of controversy, partly because of her controversial relationship with rapper Tokisha, partly because of her music videos. she He usually posts on his social networks.

A few weeks ago, the cult singer shared a video in which she allegedly openly declares herself as gay; But what has now put her in the eye of the hurricane is a video of her inhaling something very similar to poppers.

The recording, which is already circulating on social networks, is part of a live broadcast that the singer of the song “Like a Virgin” did with a well-known influencer. Madonna can be seen sitting in front of the camera while her assistants fix her up.

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In addition to posing, talking and singing, at one point in the video you can see him taking an interesting bottle in his hands and putting it directly on his nose to aspirate its contents. “Are those poppers?”, says the influencer, to which Madonna immediately replies: “Wow, no! I am a Christian.”

Later, he rolls his eyes and has a sudden fit of laughter.

As expected, the reactions of the users did not take long and although many applauded that she is now so open about her life; others believe she’s simply losing her mind: “I can’t believe I saw Madonna do poppers live last night,” “No poppers,” “Oh my god girl,” “Really? are some of the comments you might read during the broadcast.

What are poppers?

According to the FDA, these products, known as “poppers,” contain chemicals similar to amyl nitrite, a chest pain reliever that when inhaled can cause feelings of euphoria, lightness, and increased sexual desire.

They are often packaged in small bottles similar to energy drink products and are often sold online in novelty stores; However, this does not mean that its commercialization is legal.

These chemicals can be corrosive and damage the skin or other tissues they come in contact with, cause breathing difficulties, extremely low blood pressure, reduced blood oxygen levels, seizures, cardiac arrhythmia, lead to coma and in the worst case, cause death.

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