Consuelo Duval’s son Michel looked like a Formula 1 heartthrob

The 28-year-old left his followers speechless

Per: Andrea Camarena

Via @mich_duval

Mich Duval steals sighs with his Formula 1 look

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Many people don’t know but Consuelo Duval, A favorite actress and presenter, she is the mother of two children, 30-year-old Paly and 28-year-old Michel. For some time, they both decided to follow in their mother’s footsteps and go into the industry.

Although both stood out with great talent and attractiveness, It was Michel who stole the show on social media because the public witnessed his growth and how he became a man from a boy.

Although Mich tried his hand at acting, he found his true passion in music. So, little by little, he managed to acquire a generous community of followers that is close to the figure of one and a half million on Instagram, well He has also established himself as an ingluencer.

A few hours ago, the young man became the topic of conversation on social networks by uploading a compilation of photos from the Mexican Grand Prix (Formula 1) which took place last weekend and which Mich attended.

Of all the pictures, the one we show you below attracted the most attention, where Mich was seen in a polo shirt team represented by Mexican driver Sergio ‘El Checo’ Pérez.

Via @mich_duval

Michel Duval in Formula 1, October 2022

As you can imagine, his publication began to fill up with comments from his fans who were busy highlighting how handsome Mich looks with his trimmed beardsunglasses and cap, also from Formula 1.

Although in the role of an actor, Consuela’s son appears more in the series, in reality he looks like a soap opera heartthrobsince there were many followers who even asked him to act in a melodrama.

Both Mich and Paly adore their famous motherbecause apart from being incredibly talented in their respective fields, they have shown that they have inherited all the beauty, style and demeanor of Consuelo.

What do you think? Would you like to see Mich as an official soap opera heartthrob?

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