Conor McGregor surprises with this leg exercise

    Conor McGregor showed off his muscles again on his Instagram profile. The former UFC champion, in a white tank top, appears at the gym training and pumping up for his upcoming movie release; the Irish fighter will be part of the cast of the remake of the film difficult profession, who played Patrick Swayze in 1989 (Conor McGregor and his biceps, in gorilla mode to be an actor).

    “A 17-hour day, filming and then straight to the gym before I go home. And what do you want from yourself? I work really hard because: I love it, I want it and, besides, it’s my thing,” McGregor writes in his social networks.

    Conor McGregor’s never-before-seen squats

    And in the pictures we see him performing different exercises for the upper and lower body. First pull-ups, then bench press, barbell back squats and shoulder presses. Conor continues to strive for maximum hypertrophy with one goal in mind: it looks like he’ll hit 90 pounds of lean muscle by the end of the year. (How to do squats well and the types that exist).

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