COMPANY / Votum Global innovation in technology applied to health and well-being

Votum Global innovation in technology applied to health and well-being

Votum World SLL, a company associated with amusal, was founded in February 2021 with the aim of being the benchmark in the CBD market. They are experts in alternatives for human health and well-being, innovating new solutions and technologies based on CBD products. His long-term vision is to revolutionize the wellness and personal care industry.

Votum World SLL has a total of two working partners, co-founders of the company. In addition, it maintains a team of professionals, 100% committed to the company’s goals. This year 2022, their efforts were rewarded as they received the INFO award for entrepreneur of the month from Joaquín Gómez, director of the Institute for the Development of the Region of Murcia. In addition, Votum World SLL was present at the CBD Business Fair, an international CBD fair held for the first time in Spain, where the recognition of Votum’s innovation was more than remarkable.

Votum World SLL is closely related to the health and technology sector with its CBD products, they are already part of the HiTech UCAM incubator, which hosts high-level technology, sports and health projects. Since October, Votum World SLL has established IMIB (Murcian Institute of Biosanitary Research) where clinical studies and own scientific articles will be developed.

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