Communicate to promote best practices

  • The media can promote best work practices for well-being.
  • Enabling companies to understand their co-workers and how they can improve is the role of the media, said the Wellbeing 360 event.
  • Business Insider Mexico, together with the Integral Welfare Sciences Institute, announced the winners of the Factor Wellbeing award.
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For the second year in a row, the TecMilenio Institute of Integral Welfare Sciences, together with Business Insider Mexico, recognizes organizations that implement the best practices around well-being in the workplace with the Factor Wellbeing 2022 award.

21 companies were recognized by Factor Wellbeing 2022 for their actions around the four observed pillars established by the Institute:

  1. The welfare of your associates
  2. Positive environment
  3. Focus on strengths
  4. Promoting meaningful work

The Wellbeing 360 event highlighted the importance of organizations actively listening to their teams and promoting work reconnection.

“Organizations are increasingly looking for these trends and are more interested in these issues and we are seeing more collaborative participation and we are seeing the importance of these categories in the context of Latin America,” said Rosalinda Ballesteros, director of the Tecmilenio University’s Institute for the Wellbeing of Science and Happiness.

“According to a McKinsey study, 85% of the boomer generation will not stop working, but they are looking for meaning in their work,” added Mauricio Reynoso, general director of the Mexican Association for Human Resource Management.

In addition, the importance of focusing the media on the needs of both people and companies and highlighting best practices for promoting well-being was highlighted.

“Tackling issues like burnout or ‘quiet resignations,’ where employees say, ‘I have this problem, we need to work together,’ allows companies to identify their areas of opportunity and improve,” said Emma Sifuentes, executive editor of Business. Insider Mexico.

He added that sharing best practices helps more companies adopt them and adapt them to their context.

“The information society about good practices and areas of opportunity, which is our job as media, is of vital importance. First, because we use words to express situations that may sometimes seem ‘unique’ from the company’s side; second, because we talked to all the actors and shared some of the answers,” said Andrea Deydén, executive editor of Business Insider Mexico.

Factor Wellbeing 2022: an opportunity to exchange successful practices

To promote best practices and share success stories in the field of well-being at work, Factor Wellbeing 2022 recognized 21 leading companies in the field.

The purpose of this badge is to identify what makes it easier to feel comfortable at work. To do this, the Institute of Integral Welfare Sciences developed the BEAT methodology, which covers four dimensions.

1. Employee welfare

It consists of all activities designed by organizations to promote care for the physical and mental health of employees.

2. Focus on the strengths

Workers assess whether their leader shows genuine concern for their well-being. It also measures whether the organization is using its resources positively, which consists of focusing on the team’s strengths.

3. Positive environment

The third aspect focuses on peer bonding practices. The relationship with others is a fundamental aspect of personal well-being, so the way in which leaders foster a good organizational climate is valued.

4. Significant work

Apart from the monetary compensation that the organization gives to its employees, people spend most of their time at work. Therefore, a sense of meaning and transcendence is evaluated.

Does your company promote wellness? certify it

The call for Factor Wellbeing 2023 opened on October 17. So, if you think your organization is a candidate for this title, you can start your process.

Finally, Rosalinda added that together “you can do much more than everyone can do alone. He also congratulated the winning companies

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