Come betrayal! William Valdés left ‘VLA’ because Sergio Sepúlveda nominated him before the bosses

  • The driver was not a favorite of the audience, and on social networks part of the program’s fans welcomed his departure.
  • We learned that the firing of William Valdés from ‘Venga la Alegría’ had a lot to do with Sergio Sepúlveda.

After leaving from William Valdés, 28, from Venga la alegría, before the Cuban host thanked the public for allowing him to be a part of the program, they revealed the real reason for the dismissal. A person from the production told us that she is his now ex-partner Sergio Sepúlveda (50) was the one who decided to leave William out of TV Azteca’s morning show. This is what it told us:

– Tell us what happened?
“It’s something very complicated to say, but William Valdés was not the one who resigned or decided to leave Venga la alegría, because the day he said goodbye, it seemed he had another project and that’s why he left, but that’s not the case, William Valdés was fired at someone’s behest.”

“Sergio Sepúlveda is the one who had the last word and chose William to leave the morning.”

Can you give us more context?
“Of course. It’s true that for a long time Sergio had an arrogant attitude, as if his fame had grown, and it was difficult for everyone to work with him, because there comes a time when he becomes unbearable because of the way he addresses people or asks for things; without a doubt, he no longer he is not the same person we met at the beginning.”

– How did you find out that Sergio decided to remove William?
“I don’t want to get into trouble with the production guys, but what I can say is that one day the executives asked Sergio to decide which of the drivers he wanted to drop from the show, and he very calmly pointed to William; Without giving a reason, with his hands on his waist, he ran away from him.”

“Do you think it’s because William treated him badly?”
“No, we’ve worked with William and I can tell you that he’s a very relaxed guy, he doesn’t mess with anyone and he’s very professional; In fact, he tried many times to get along with Sepúlveda and be good friends off-screen, but he never succeeded and the relationship between them was only related to work.

They assure that William Valdés was fired from the VLA at the request of Sergio Sepúlveda

– Continue…
“It was rumored in the television corridors that Sergio plans to gradually remove all those who were included in the program by Sandra Smešter, who was in charge of giving work to several initiators (while she was the director of TV content). Azteca, who now works at Telemundo); and for this reason Sepúlveda had no choice but to endure life with William, because she knew that he was one of Sandra’s favorites, but now that he is gone, she wants to do and undo with Venga la alegría”.

– What would be the goal of replacing those hired by Sandra Smešter?
“I’m sure it’s because Sergio was seen as an important driver, in addition to being an associate producer, and the executives saw him as an essential part of the program, and it’s also because he was a teacher to many,” William said on Friday (Oct. 28 ) said he said goodbye, but I think he was confused and thought he was untouchable, so he decided to make changes of his own accord.

– What did the producer, Dio Lluberes, do?
“He couldn’t do much, because what he doesn’t want is to have a heated conversation with Sergio and he had no choice but to respect the decision.”

They assure that William Valdés was fired from the VLA at the request of Sergio Sepúlveda

– How do you see the coexistence of Di and Sergio?
“I’m telling you that Sergio didn’t agree with the imposition of Dio as a producer, because for years he had a completely different dynamic with Adrián Patiño, but with the departure of Sandra everything changed.”

– And how did William accept the news?
“Everyone saw it, he was very sad… It’s true that he was very cool, because he never thought that his time on the program would end so soon, but he asked Dia to let him say goodbye, because for him The public is important.”

– Did you feel Sergio’s sincere farewell words to William?
“No, nobody believed him, and I think it showed on camera; while Kristal Silva and Patricio Borghetti say goodbye to William, Sergio, according to him, made sad faces, but he was serious all the time, his face represented peace, knowing that he took
decision, and the hugs he gave him live were more forced than anything else, they looked like that… His wish to never see Valdés again came true.

They assure that William Valdés was fired from the VLA at the request of Sergio Sepúlveda

-Did you have a chance to talk to William about it?
“No, we didn’t get to talk face to face, but what I can tell you is that he’s devastated, because his journey through the morning was incredible and even though he wasn’t a crowd favorite, he got acceptance from the public and some partners; however, the news hit him like a bucket of cold water, we saw him crying as if he had no idea and found out that he was no longer part of the project… it became a sad and awkward moment within the forum, and more so because we know that it was an unjustified dismissal “, he concluded.


Although for many the departure of William Valdés from the morning show Venga la alegría was a surprise, for others it was something that could be foreseen because a source close to the production confirmed that his dismissal was connected to the moves in the direction of TV Azteca as well as other facts that would pay that the 28-year-old Cuban driver gets fired:

-Tell us more about the departure of William Valdés from Venga la alegría…
“Although it was a surprise to many, the truth is that others more than expected it.”

They assure that William Valdés was fired from the VLA at the request of Sergio Sepúlveda

-What are you talking?
“In front of the cameras, it’s true that he looked listless in the program and maybe he had to see that he no longer had the support of the managers who brought him in at the beginning. As far as I’m concerned, you could see it coming.”

– Who supported him?
“It is rumored that he had a very close relationship with Alberto Ciurano, who came to TV Azteca in 2017 as General Manager of Content and Distribution for TV Azteca, before he was at Univisión.”

– He took it to TV Azteca…
“Yeah, and it wasn’t even super-hidden… When he brought it, they weren’t that close anymore, but there was an appreciation and that’s how William turned evil there.”

They assure that William Valdés was fired from the VLA at the request of Sergio Sepúlveda

– What else?
“Well, after the death of Albert Ciurana, who was his right-hand man, Sandra Smester stayed in his place and let’s just say that William still had some shelter for her, so she wasn’t in danger.”

-And then Sandra Smešter goes to Telemundo, right?
“That’s right, and they respected that William was in Venga la alegría… For some it added, for others it was superfluous. And yes, he was protected, although later not so much.”

– Is it true that Sergio Sepúlveda did not agree that William was part of the program?

“Without a doubt, because he perceived him as someone imposed and said that he does not contribute like other drivers.”

They assure that William Valdés was fired from the VLA at the request of Sergio SepúlvedaW

– And with the departure of Sandra Smešter, they finally managed to get him out…
“Of course, that’s something they had in mind.”

– But it was longer, after all these changes and modifications…
“Yeah, but the final straw was what he admitted happened, when they were in The Truth Marathon game, a few months ago.”

– What happened there?
Well, he himself recognized that he had passion at work, in the offices of TV Azteca in Miramontes (south of Mexico City), and from there they grabbed to justify his departure, he concluded.

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