Columba Domínguez, actress with the smallest waist in Mexican cinema

When you talk about The golden age of Mexican cinema it is inevitable that it does not come to mind Columba Dominguez, who was one of the most prominent actresses of that time, because she triumphed not only in our country, but also abroad. The diva of the big screen was talented and also very beautiful, she also had a figure which many would like to show, like a Small waist who modeled in tight and elegant dresses.

Columba Dominguez Alarid, full name actress, she was born on March 4, 1929 in Guaymas sonora. AND At the age of 16, she charmed the director Emilio “El Indio” Fernández, who invited her to participate in his projects such as “La Perla”, from 1945, with Pedro Armendáriz and María Elena Marqués, as well as “Río Escondido” (1947), with the main role Maria Felix, With whom he was not on good terms because “La Doña” tried to physically attack her while they were shooting some scenes, the diva admitted. Working with the stars of that time, the young artist managed to highlight her career and stand out as one of the most beautiful in the medium.

Columba Domínguez was considered one of the most beautiful actresses Photo: INAH

Columba Domínguez mini waist

“Indian” Fernandez chosen by Columba Domínguez because he felt that he had a beauty that stood out thanks to its distinctly pronounced Mexican features, He also fell in love with her, so they started a five-year relationship. And that is that the actress was a beautiful young woman, who attracted the attention of the public and producers not only with her face, but also with her figure, since she had one of the most stylized silhouettes of that time and a photo of her in a fitted evening dress proves it.

Some accounts dedicated to remembering images from the past posted a postcard featuring the star “Maclovia“, wears a dark satin dress that fits her silhouette very well, highlighting her figure and narrow waist, which proves that she is one of the famous people who had this very small part of her body, as in María Félix or Maty Huitrón, the latter stood out more in soap operas.

Columba Domínguez also had a mini waist Photo: Screenshot

This was not the only time that Columba Domínguez showed her figure, because in 1959 the artist participated in the film “Bare Virtue”in which he completely undressed so this was it the first official act of Mexican cinemawhich later other celebrities did, scandalizing the conservative public, but this made her one of the legends of the seventh national art.

Columba Domínguez, the actress who fell in love with Cine de Oro

Movies like “Maclovia” (1948), for which she won an Ariel Award for Best Supporting Actress, and “a girl from the village“, launched her to fame not only in Mexico, but also internationally, since she participated in films from Europe such as “L’edera” and “Bread, love and… Andalusia”. In his homeland, he also appeared on the big screen, such as “Body Thief”, “Animas Trujano”, “Iron Brothers”, “Weaver of Miracles”, “Pueblito” and “Wounded Dove”.

While working in television, he worked on “The Walker”, “The Storm” and “Los inconformes”, to name a few, adding up to a total of 63 productions. She has also been a singer since she released “La voz dulce y mexicana de Columba Domínguez” in 1961, released on the RCA Víctor label, with orchestral arrangements Mario Ruiz Armengol and Chucho Ferrer. Despite a successful career, the actress retired in the 1980s, but had several cameo roles in productions.

The actress received international recognition. Photo: INAH

Columba Dominguez She died on August 13, 2014 at the Ángeles Santelena Hospital in Mexico City, where she had been hospitalized for several days due to various complications caused by pneumonia. The actress died at the age of 85, as a result of a heart attack.


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