Cody Rhodes assures that he had no problems with CM Punk in AEW

Cody Rhodes surprised wrestling fans when he decided to leave AEW last February. Since then, there has been much speculation about the reasons that led to one of the company’s founding stars deciding to leave the company.

Among the reasons that are talked about the most are the dissatisfaction of fighters on a creative and/or economic level, and even alleged problems in behind the stage with CM Punkfighter who has been at the center of controversy in recent weeks due to his feud with members of The Elite.

Meanwhile, Rhodes has stated on several occasions that he does not want to talk about his departure from the company, noting how It was a personal decision and that he continues to respect his former Elite teammates (Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks) yes Tony Khan.

However, after the recent issues that have arisen in AEW, Cody wanted to use his response to a fan to reiterate that his departure from the company has nothing to do with Omega and The Young Bucks, adding that CM Punk is not responsible for that either.

“I didn’t go for the Bucks/Kenny. I’m forever attached to those guys for what we created and I’m still very proud of it. And I didn’t leave because of or because of the Punk problem. we agree. Not for money, not for booking. It was just a personal thing and my desire to go big.”

Rhodes’ post received many comments, including one from the Young Bucks, who responded to his former partner by sharing the following photo:

Rhodes made his much-anticipated return to WWE over the weekend of WrestleMania 38. The wrestler stated that he needed to finish some unfinished business, win the WWE Championship and honor the memory of his father. Dusty Rhodeswho could not achieve this goal during his time in the company.

Cody Rhodes had surgery a few months ago to repair a torn pectoral muscle. The injury happened right before WWE’s Hell in a Cell celebration. Despite everything, the fighter insisted on participating, starring in a show with Seth Rollins, who offered a fight that was praised by critics and fans.

WWE has estimated a 9-month recovery time, which could see Rhodes sidelined. WrestleMania 39. However, it seems that this does not fit into the plans of the fighter, who hopes to recover in a shorter time than indicated.

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