Club América registrations and departures for Clausura 2023 possible so far

Saturday, October 29, 2022

Since they were removed from Liga MX 2022 opening tournament semi-finalslas Eagles of America They did not stop acting in sports trends.

Club America news

And that is that in recent days rumors have started that after the disaster it was before The Red Devils from TolucaThe team’s high command was angry with the plumbers for not achieving the goals and objectives set since the beginning of the campaign, an action that would allegedly trigger a special analysis in which authorities in the institution would determine who could be the main players to leave the project Fernando Ortiz.

Possible victims of the Eagles

In this sense, it was speculated that William Ochoa He was the main football player who would come close to breaking his American connection, as mistakes in the last clashes completely changed the panorama that guaranteed him permanence in the Eagles.

Names have been added to this list Miguel Layún, Bruno Valdez, Roger Martínez, Jürgen Damm, Diego Valdés and Federico Viñaspieces that, according to the followers’ opinions, did not show their best level.

Club America reinforcements?

On the other hand, as far as possible reinforcements are concerned, the names of Israel Reyes and Fernando Gorriarán have been circulating virally, but so far the Azulcrema entity has not addressed the situation, they have not even confirmed who will leave the club, so all the information previously presented is still treated as guesses and assumptions.

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