Club América board with a clear position on a tempting offer for Álvaro Fidalgo

Friday, October 28, 2022

After the bad results that Santiago Solari left in american clubthe only good thing left is the signing Alvaro sirthe Spanish midfielder who despite starting with doubts in Eaglestoday he is one of the most important elements in the Azulcrema team, because he is the one who distributes the ball in attack and gives clarity to those he leads Fernando Ortiz. That’s why it would pique the interest of other Liga MX teams to try to sign him.

Some rumors suggest that Monterrey It is about one of the personnel who wants to take over the services of maguitobut there are versions that claim this sir not transferable to America and they would only let him go if a European team is interested in him. That sounds logical given that Alvaro is essential in the tactical scheme that led to Eagles to be the favorite for the title this semester, except for the loss, means looking for another player with similar conditions.

Álvaro Fidalgo and commitment to Club América

In addition to the affection shown by the fans to the Spaniard, the player had actions that went very well as a representative Americabecause he was one of those who tried the hardest to equalize against Toluca even after the elimination, sir came to the defense of the group while others who appeared only in victories went into hiding, a fact that was welcomed by most fans Cream blue.

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