Clara Chía Martí reacts with a controversial gesture towards fans of Gerard Piqué and Shakira

The Barcelona player’s girlfriend, Clara Chía Martí, showed his short patience and lack of manners by suggesting that Gerard Pique that he will drive his car through regardless of the fact that he might run over a group of fans who surrounded them, he states video circulating on social networks.

Clara Chía Martí attacks fans of Gerard Piqué and Shakira

At that moment, the couple was intercepted on the street while touring Barcelona, ​​getting into a car Gerard Pique. People who were around him prevented the passage of the vehicle, creating disturbances Clara Chia Marti who immediately felt uneasy.

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Clara Chía Martí with Gerard Piqué in Barcelona
Clara Chía Martí with Gerard Piqué in Barcelona. Photo: Instagram

Clara Chia’s controversial gesture towards fans

A user on social networks managed to record the moment in which the 23-year-old girl points with her hands at Gerardsignaling to pass by people who are there, regardless of whether it will hurt or injure someone.

fortunately, Gerard Pique He reasoned with his girlfriend and managed to calm her down with a short conversation. However, it caused dozens of people and fans to explode Clara Chia Marti in social networks.

Clara Chía Martí with Gerard Piqué in Barcelona
Clara Chía Martí’s controversial gesture to Gerard Piqué. Photo: Instagram

Clara Chía Martí was accused of bad character

The public relations student, who has also earned backlash for her role in the separation, has been branded rude or hostile by some Shakira and Pique. Well, they don’t take kindly to the fact that while the player refuses to allow his ex to move to the United States with her children, he has also neglected his responsibilities as a father in order to spend more time with his girlfriend. Which would hurt the Colombian deeply.

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