Clara Chía Martí RE-APPEARS with Gerard Piqué for the FIRST time since the premiere of Shakira’s ‘Monotonía’

Despite everything you live Clara Chia Marti Due to the stalking of journalists, the young woman decided to get out of her little confinement and reappeared very happy next door Gerard Pique. is first time to see Culé’s girlfriend behind him premiere from “Monotony” from Shakirais the latest release of the Colombian woman, which has been very well received by her fans and which they say is full of references to the Barcelona footballer.

A few days ago it was said yes Clara Chia Marti I was going through a lot of trouble with the launch “Monotony”and much has been said on this new subject of Shakira, where they also assure that the Colombian is talking about Piqué’s girlfriend, but these are pure rumours. Rumors that affected the young woman so much that she decided not to go out for a while due to journalistic harassment.

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