Cinthia Matos, a medical student who needed a heart stent, dies

Cinthia Matos Benítez, a fifth-year medical student from Guantanamo who waited six months for a stent for the hearthe died this Saturday due to complications related to his health condition, they confirmed for CyberCuba sources close to the family.

She was a young woman very seriously since the beginning of October due to an infection in the aorta artery and the other very close stent which was inserted in mid-June. The infection caused by streptococcus, a highly invasive bacteria, caused severe pain and was life-threatening.

Some of Cinthia’s friends and followers in her career mourned the event on social media and said they felt heartbroken by the departure of an extraordinary person.

“I always hoped that you would pass, it hurts me so much that I didn’t make it the day I went to see you, it hurts me that so much joy was extinguished like that. I am left with your infectious smile, the great love we share for animals, our group conversations, your honesty, impulsiveness, I am left with so many things that made you so unique. Your heart, even when it was sick, was one of the biggest and most beautiful that existed,” Dalia Iribar, Cinthia’s colleague from the Faculty of Medicine, wrote on Facebook.

For her part, animal rights activist Reinita Charadán said that despite the pain she feels when she hears the news, she will always remember Cintija as the warrior she was.

“You had your whole life ahead of you and a huge desire to continue living and fighting. You were a warrior Cinthia and I will always remember you as such, as a happy girl, an infectious smile, full of love and completely dedicated to animals, that was one of the things we shared, the love of fur. You had a heart that didn’t fit in your chest,” he recalled.

Cinthia suffered from mild mitral regurgitation due to a mitral prolapse mechanism, severe aortic regurgitation due to cupped aorta, type B aortic dissection, saccular aortic root aneurysm, and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, conditions that caused shortness of breath, persistent cough, lower limb edema, among others. symptoms.

At that time, the country did not have any stent nor the means to buy it, so the medical student decided to publicly ask on social networks to try to get it in some other way.

The cardiovascular pathologies suffered by the 25-year-old student were congenital and forced her to live a lifestyle different from that of “healthy” people. The young woman then told this news site that since her mother’s health deteriorated in December 2021, she had to stop working to take care of her full-time.

The complaint was in April and, finally, in June, Cinthia got the device i needed through a complex but successful surgical operation. Sometime later, he returned to social media to show the lack of medication that affected his treatment and recovery.

“Here is the MEDICAL POWER that is my Cuba with SOCIALISM at its peak,” he said then sarcastically from his Facebook account and condemned the lack of clopidogrel 75 mg, an antiplatelet agent, due to corruption and inaction of the Cuban authorities which, according to her, was contrary to the professionalism and dedication of the doctors who treated her.

As he assured in October that CyberCuba Cardiocenter employee, the complications in Cinthia’s health that ultimately led to her death were not related to the surgical intervention in June.

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