Chyno Miranda: His ex-wife’s present, while he lives in precarious conditions

After separating from Chyno Miranda and Natasha Araos, the fate of both was very different; however, they maintain a good friendship between them thanks to their son together.

Miranda is currently in a relationship with Astrid Torrealba Falconwhile Natasha, who already has almost 2 million followers on her networks, works on various personal projects, for example, she teaches courses on how to use the stock market to get better benefits.

He is also known to be careful with his own physical appearance and with an emotional and spiritual stage, since in addition to going to the gym, he skates and meditates.

Separating from Chyna was a great experience for her and made her realize how important it is to enjoy every moment of her life.

“I think many of us do not understand what we actually came here to do, we are constantly changing and learning and we are all in the process of growing and evolving differently,” he wrote on his networks.

She shares videos and photos of her workout routines on her networks. instagram/tashie_net

Chyno Miranda in precarious situations

To fight Covid-19 It was not the only difficult battle Venezuelan artist which he had to deal with, as he also suffered from encephalitis which robbed him of his speech and left him paralyzed, for which he was sedated for several weeks.

It caused depression and anxiety and also addiction problemstherefore theirs 37 years he had to be admitted to a rehabilitation center called Tía Panchita.

However, recently his girlfriend Astrid Falcon decided to get him out of there because uncertain conditions where he was, transfer him to a private clinic, where she would take care of the singer’s recovery.

Tía Panchita’s rehabilitation center convicted Miranda’s partner of “kidnapping” for taking him away without the consent of his relatives and even held her responsible for any “return” she might suffer.

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