Christian Estrada reacts to Ferka’s accusations and warns that he will not remain silent

  • Ferka and Christian Estrada undoubtedly starred in a very media separation.
  • In the show ‘Hoj’, Ferka broke her silence and presented her version of the split with her son’s father.

A few weeks ago, rumors started that the relationship Christian Estrada and María Fernanda Quiroz, better known as ‘Ferka’ It was over after they both deleted their photos together from their Instagram accounts. Despite the fact that they looked happy a few days ago since they baptized their son and everything seemed to be going well and that they had plans for the wedding, apparently not everything was smooth sailing in their relationship.

But a few weeks ago, exclusively on TVNotas, he let you know Christian Estrada left the house he shared with Ferko, lAfter he found out that she likes women. This information was confirmed by the model, although she denied it.

After this painful and controversial breakup, We recently caught Ferka and Kristijan talking in a cafe, where we noticed that things weren’t going well and they started to complain, and a person close to the couple revealed that they couldn’t come to an agreement.

Christan Estrada reacts to Ferka's accusations and warns that she will not remain silent

after our publication Ferka broke her silence in the show ‘Hoj’ and stated the reasons for which she and Christian broke up. Through tears, the actress commented that despite being a strong woman with character, she failed to set boundaries for her partner in time, “I think that emotional (abuse) is very difficult, girls, because we keep silent out of pity, because we are afraid of what he will say and because someone thinks he is a good patcher. I know that I am a woman with a good character, a lioness mother, but it happened to me, girls, with such a character, and today I raised my hand and said ‘please, don’t leave them'”.

Undoubtedly, these statements left the actor in a very bad light, so Ferka’s followers did not hesitate to leave a few hostile messages So Estrada decided to limit his comments.

Christan Estrada reacts to Ferka's accusations and warns that she will not remain silent

Now, Christian Estrada sent a strong message to his ex-partner via Instagram stories, as several netizens claimed it was a response to what Ferka said in the morning.

“The lie continues… until the truth arrives,” he wrote on a black background, suggesting he would not remain silent in the face of allegations of alleged psychological abuse. In these pictures, you can also see Estrada carefree as he showed that he was accompanied by Raúl Sandoval and his wife Fran Meric at the event. She was later seen next to Brenda Zambrano and her boyfriend Guty Carrera.

Christan Estrada reacts to Ferka's accusations and warns that she will not remain silent

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